ST2-S rear wheel install??

Hi, any tips on how to install rear wheel of ST2-S that was taken off by dealer- for transport of bike,, minus rear wheel, on external rack.

After 2 hours of trying with bike upright and hanging from ceiling, I also tried with bike flipped upside down and came closer but
no cigar.

The width of the ST2-S wheel assembly, from edge of disc brake to outside of 11th gear is wider than opening, unless you know the
secret movements to get it thru to the mounting position???

?? Axle hole on rear wheel to axle hole on bike position at start??? When bike is upright----
Rear wheel axle starts where in relation to bike axle hole?
What starting orientation and what line?? Like start SE and move wheel NW, etc???

At the dealer, it looked like wheel easily came off but it sure isn't going back on easy.
Thanks for any tips


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With the bike upside down, just make sure it is in a stable position.
I would put the RD in the 11 or 12 cog first and also tAke the chain off the 52t ring .
Then look closely at the section very close to the hub , right by the thru axle it most likely has a certain design that only fits at a certain angle.
Since i do not own the St2s only those things for now will apply .
Not sure how is the motor cable, but it gets connected first , this part is also tricky. Get the cable right while at the same time having that hub section (mentioned earlier) also fit in the drop outs.
It took me some time too years ago , until i realized it is all about angles and the RD being disengaged and on 11/12/13cog so that , it is ample space for the wheel to get in an dleas chain tension. Then is the other part i mentioned earlier.
And chain off the crankset. This way the tension is minimal, one less headache , until you get proffesional and can do it with the chain on.
Can put the chain back on after wheel is in.
Can also try on youtube maybe there aRe some vids .
It is a nice satisfactory feeling getting it in nicely and w/o a struggle. If you succeed, Just memorize the steps for next time.


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Make sure when you put axle back the threads are properly aligned on other side of frame. Easy to cross thread on my 2015 St2.