Stealth riding fun


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This Saturday I was using the Legacy Trail here in Venice. Two younger guys on road bikes rushed by me going at about 22mph. That may not sound terribly fast but this trail is totally flat and there was a 10mph headwind, so maintaining speed for any amount of time takes a fair bit of effort. Just for kicks I turned up the power to level 2 and 3 and had no problem keeping up with them. After a while one of them asked me how the heck I was keeping up on a flatbar bike with wider tires...and was surprised to find out it was an electric bike. The other guy said he thought it was electric based on the stuff on the handlebar, but that was a Garmin and my phone so it had to nothing to do with the bike itself. They loved the looks of the bike and asked a bunch of questions about it - no ebike hatred at all, just curiosity. I told them at their age and fitness level it wasn't something they needed, but to keep it in mind for when they got old and feeble like me. Anytime a bike lets you keep up with people half your age it's definitely a keeper.