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Something from the other side of the big pond: Flyer Upstreet 5

This is a Swiss bike, not available in the US. But it's interesting because it represents Flyer and Panasonic's answer for how to build an e-bike with an IGH that's able to climb steep hills without resorting to a 1000 Watt drive. The Upstreet 5 can optionally be configured with Panasonic's new dual gear drive, which automatically switches into a lower gear if your RPMs decrease and the torque increases. You can also manually switch the drive's gear if you don't like automatic shifting. It's rather pricey but comes with a 5 year factory warranty on the drive. You can build to order and either choose an Alfine 8 or your favourite variety of N380.


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For folks seeking a step-through donor pedal bicycle frame to convert to an ebike with a DIY motor kit, the Reddit City Bikes spreadsheet has a column indicating where a step-through frame is available together with price, type of drivetrain, and web link.

Common features of ebikes used in urban bikeshare systems such as the Smoovengo E-Bike (Paris), Uber JUMP (Washington, DC, & San Francisco), Bewegen Pedelec (Baltimore), and BCycle Dash+ (designed by Trek, coming in 2018), are a step-through frame, 26" wheels, 3 or 7 speed IGH, Class 1 pedelec, 250w front hub or 350w mid-drive motor, and rollerbrakes. Dock based systems recharge off the bikeshare dock vs dockless systems like JUMP incorporate a GPS locator chip and require you lock up the ebike with a provided U-lock and a maintenance guy either swaps out the battery or recharges it at a hub collection point every 2-3 days.

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