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Bianchi's new Lif-E line of ebikes include these step-through's. It's unclear which of these models will be available in the US, or if Bianchi USA will just import the e-Road bikes - currently just the Aria e-Road model with the eBikeMotion x35 hub motor appears on the Bianchi USA website. Bianchi's Lif-E range includes 17 models with at least 4 different mid-drive and 2 hub drive motor systems. If Bianchi decide to import the T-Tronik e-MTB models with the Bianchi Central Motor Unit mid-drive that would make it possible to also bring over the Long Island step-through with the same motor. The Shimano Steps system is distributed in the US which opens the possibility of the Luxury model as well. The "eGoing system" on the Active model resembles a Bafang M400 mid-drive and battery and has the same 80nm torque rating so it's probably just rebranded. The e-Spillo Classic and City are budget models with a basic hub motor and cadence sensor so probably for Europe only.

Long Island (Bianchi Central Motor Unit 80nm)

e-Spillo Active (eGoing/rebranded Bafang M400) mid-drive 80nm)

e-Spillo Luxury (Shimano Steps E5000 mid-drive 40nm)

e-Spillo Classic (e-Going front hub motor 28nm)

e-Spillo City (e-Going front hub motor 28nm)
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