Still trying to repair my Schwinn Electric


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Hi Everyone,
I'm still having problems replacing the throttle control on my 2008 Schwinn World GS Electric. The throttle went to pieces and I was unable to get one from Schwinn. After following their leads to the original designer of the Schwinn system I found Electric Scooter Parts and bought a recommended throttle that had the same voltage ratings. I wired it up according to the schematic and have supply voltage in and a charge indicator working that shows the battery at full charge. My only problem, and of course the biggest one, is no power to the motor drive. I believe everything is wired correctly and should work as I get the correct voltage at the throttle and the correct battery indication, but I get nothing from the throttle out to the motor. Pedaling and pressing the thumb throttle does not run the bike. I am stuck and would really appreciate anyone's help out there. The new throttle has an on/off switch as the old one did and I followed all the wires back to the battery pack when I tied things in. Maybe I'm missing a ground wire somewhere that was part of the old throttle? Maybe there is a wire on another part of the wiring harness that was connected through the motor controller and needs to be hooked up differently with the new controller. The wiring seems fairly simple but I just can't get it to run. Can anyone help? I'm attaching some pictures and literature on the replacement controller. I can usually fix things but this one has me stumped.

Thanks in advance,