Strapping stuff to the rack—ROK straps


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I recently got some straps for my rack because I was frustrated with bungee cords. I have WALD baskets, And was poking around their website. I discovered they also make straps. Their straps are amazing and super great at keeping stuff on the rack. I am really happy with them.

Bruce Arnold

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Been using ROK straps since my motorcycle days (now in the past, alas.) They are great and come in different sizes. We use them all the time. Glad you found them. (We like the Wald baskets also!)


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We're not riding at 60 mph. I use string. The slip knot techniques taught the US Army by Ringling Bros circus veterans work fine. i learned them from North American Van lines. 1/16" diameter nylon works fine. Burn the ends with a lighter to prevent unraveling. To hold the <50 lb panniers to the rack I use 3/16" diameter farm supply twine. The slip knots are handy when I have to change a tire tube or adjust the brake tension. I started with large tie-wraps but the weight would pop the tang loose.


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I’ve been meaning to try ROK. I usually use Monkey Fingers adjustable length bungees and am happy with their versatility.