Stromer and REI


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I see that REI sells Stromers. Does anyone know if REI is certified to repair Stromers, and/or has anyone had a good/bad experience having a Stromer bike serviced at REI? I expect general advice is to go to local bike shop, but REI very close and convenient and will save me from hours of driving. (I called REI to ask the question and waiting to hear back).

(For those outside of US, REI is popular outdoor enthusiast shop).


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Don't know the answer, but your post prompted me to go look at the REI site just now and view their Stromer lineup.
I spotted this comment posted in a User Review for one of the Stromer bikes. Just passing it along - no attempt made by me to validate its accuracy...

Great bike but REI is not authorized to activate
FYI: REI is not authorized to activate the Omni app on the Stromer bike. This is confusing because the Stromer website says “Activation takes place when the dealer dispatches the bike.”
If you buy from REI, you have to contact Stromer directly yourself to give them proof of purchase and the VIN number of your bike via email, so they can activate the bike.
I think there is one person at Stromer USA who does this. Apparently he does not work on weekends.