Stunner delivered today!


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Just six days after purchase the Stunner was delivered by DHL today. Package had been retaped on the bottom and there was 3 areas on the box damaged, but none that went through. Inside inspection showed no damage at all.

I am a novice at bike maintenance and building, but I am generally pretty handy.

I was able to get it all together without too much issue at all.

I was expecting some instructions, but wasn't at all daunted when there were none.

I think if someone was used to working on bikes they would not feel at all stressed.

Until today, I didn't know there was a Right and Left peddle........;)

I was able to go out for a bit of riding and adjustment without too much trouble at all.

I was planning a trip into my LBS to have it looked over before spending a bunch of time on the bike. I am going to make this sooner since I cannot get the back break adjusted well. It doesn't stop the bike at all, but I am sure it's just an adjustment and again, being a newbie and wanting to stop, I am going to have the shop get this set up correctly.'s really nice.

Will post some thoughts after a few miles ;)