Suggestion: adding Norco support forum for Discussion by Brand & User Reviews


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Just started looking into Norco e-bikes and was disappointed not to find a dedicated section for discussion about them. So I second the suggestion!

Local dealer (Montreal, Canada) has VLT S1 2018 and VLT R1 2018 bikes. Haven't seen them in person yet, but only on the dealer's website.

I'm *probably* going to end up with a Giant model, more because of my preferred dealer than anything else, but I'm still looking at other options. I want to commute a round-trip distance of about 60 km every day. And I need a rear rack, fenders and mud guards. I'm currently commuting with a regular bike, but only doing half the distance (driving the car part way, which I want to stop doing). At my old age, it's too tough to do the full distance on a regular bike. Especially the return trip when I'm tired and it's stinking hot out and my route back is always into a head wind. An e-bike seems like the perfect solution.