Suggestion for scrape repair?

Hey all,

Just received a folding e-bike from China, and despite all the protective foam, it came with 2 scrapes. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest ways to repair this--it has sort of a matte finish, so I'm not sure if spraying black over it will work.

Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

rich c

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Kinda looks like powder coat instead of paint. Almost looks to have texture finish. Not going to be an easy DIY solution. Swing by an auto body shop, they can give you some tips. Maybe look for a chain slap guard to cover over it.


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Hmmmm, can you yet out there and use your bike a lot, so it'll get a lot more scrapes so that you don't feel the pain as much? :)

Is there a way to leave a review showing your photos and describing the scraped up condition? Or if there is a thread here on that brand, so you can leave the info there? If the manufacturer cares, they'll want to know, and they should care since you sharing your experience could impact their future sales. Also, if it was well packed, it sounds like maybe the damage happened before they boxed it up?
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rich c

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Thanks all for the suggestions. The manufacturer emailed me back suggesting that I got with aerosol spray paint. I wonder if something like this will work:

Or if any from this search will work:
Getting the sheen to match will be the trick. Most aerosol paints are high gloss. Also the chip is thick. A shot of aerosol is going to look like a shot of aerosol because the chip will still show. I'd go for more of an automotive touch up paint. Roll the bike into the auto supply store and see what will match. The home depot paint may come close, but I would spray it into a plastic cup, and use an artist brush to start filling up the chip. Keep it off the good paint for a couple of coats to try and get the build up in thickness.
Looks like they don't use work stands for e-bikes in China. Mine was shipped with similar damage. I asked the seller to supply touch up paint. You might do the same.