Super Commuter +8S Weird noise (motor or bearings?)


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About 3 weeks ago I was on the Columbia Trail in NJ for a ride, about 30 miles round trip. I do it every week or two, very nice and relaxing.
Anyway, there was a 'dip' in the trail at an intersection that I went through at about 10 MPH and the pannier bag on the back of my Super Commuter 8 bounced and hit the spokes (it was secured) and I lost traction (no propulsion from the motor) for 5-10 seconds, and the motor was grinding like I was grinding gears on a stick shift transmission.
I regained control but then the performance had me concerned, the bike was "pulsing" as I peddled. Like cutting out. I was concerned, I stopped, called Trek main number, they had zero idea as to what it was or what to do and suggested I turn around and not continue my journey (I was in 5 miles already). I stopped, took a break, sat on a rock, and checked the bike from top to bottom, took the battery out, reseated it, and then BINGO, I saw the magnet on the spoke in the back that goes by the speed sensor was twisted on the spoke. That was why there was pulsing, not the problem was fixed, I finished my ride, had no problems, and since then put on well over 300 miles.
However whether it has anything to do with that incident or the sheer fact that I'm over 3,000 miles has me concerned about the new noise I hear.
About a week after that story I was doing another 40 mile ride and kept hearing noises from the right side of the motor by the pedal (chain side) as I was pedaling.
It would go away when I did not pedal.
Lubricating the chain, cleaning the drivetrain made minimal difference.
Here's my question. I'll most likely top out at 6,000 mile by next June, maybe more, and I'm curious to know the overall history of the Bosch drivetrain reliability and past issues. I've read that the bearing on the right side is the first to go.
The noise is like grinding marbles. I had an iZip E3 Peak with over 5k miles (not a Bosch motor, a TransX), and it too after high mileage, began to make the "marble" sound under heavy pressure/pedaling.
So, I began a separate posting to find out what kind of mileage others are attaining as well as here, in this posting, trying to find out what maintenance issues anyone has or had with the Bosch motors.
Appreciate the feedback.
I have not taken my bike into the shop but on my ride home from work today I heard what sounded to me like a bearing going out when I pedal. I will take it in next week to see what they find. Bike has 1600 miles on it and is used to commute to work. (20 miles each way).