Super Commuter upgrades?


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Those that have one...what did you upgrade? What would you like to upgrade?
Did you get any addons like a garmin computer? Garmin radar?
Anything else?
Please share. Photos welcome!
Thank you

Rita n Alan

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My Super commuter 8s, bought August 17 this year, now has a Thudbuster suspension seat post, Ergon GP2 grips, mountain bike pedals, a mirror and my husband changed the rack on the back for a topeak quickclick one so I could use my topeak panniers. I even bought a gold standard d lock and an alarmed silver standard belt lock but I am too nervous to leave the bike unattended as it draws so much attention when we go out.

We both have versions of the same bike and he pretty much did the same upgrades on his one too.

The only thing I haven’t been able to sort out is a bottle holder. I am a little over 5ft tall so have the smallest frame size and while there are a couple of studs for fitting a water bottle on the bike I have yet to find a bottle holder that will take my drinks bottle and give me enough space to remove it when I want to drink, even the side release ones present a problem so I keep my water bottles either in the pocket at the back of my topeak bag or in one of the panniers as you can see in this picture.