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A lot of folks on here know I rave about Swift Industries, which I think makes about the best bike bags in the known universe.

Anyway, it looks like they are discontinuing their Cascade Collection, which are cordura nylon bags lined with x-pac. They come in any color you like as long as it is forest green. So a lot of spiffy items are discounted to less unreasonable prices.

Their gear is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely well made. Their bags will probably outlast your bike.

Going forward, basically all of their bags will be available in either waxed canvas, x-pac, or custom choices (so if you have money to burn and want custom colors and/or features you can spend the dinero and get exactly what you want).

I am not paid by Swift in any way. I just think they make fantastic stuff and just think people need to know there are other choices than Ortlieb for great bike bags.

Mr. Coffee

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Just got my Cascade Paloma Handlebar Bag (on sale).

  • Usual Swift Industries outlast-your-bike quality
  • Awesome top map packet
  • Rando-style closure uses a bit of shock cord to loop around your steerer tube
The only real problem so far is that there is no internal zippered pocket for keys, id, &c. Easily solved.

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