Tariff on Ebike orders!

Sorry for this depressing news..
Tariffs are being applied but I'm not sure if it applies to orders which took place before and first stage Tariffs were applied..my order was placed late June so at this stage I'm assuming my order is on a cargo ship and will be held hostage by US Customs until the added Tariff is payed? Does anyone have options on what options are open to seller and buyers?
Maybe Roshan can update us with what he knows.
@charlie g, the whole ebike tariffs have not been resolved; however, there may be some relative to the battery. The whole ebike tariffs are under open discussion until July 23rd and sometime after that a decision will be made which could effect late August or Sept. shipments if the whole ebikes aren't removed from the 2nd tariff list.

I have seen increases in processing fees and shipping already but that is a different issue.
Would you please be specific as to how you know tariffs were applied to your shipment. It is possible that that is an error or premature. Very concerned.

If; however, you ordered an ebike kit then the motors were subject to tariff starting last Friday, July 6th and those tariffs can no longer be contested unfortunately. Also, if you ordered Lithium cells of any type, not whole batteries, that tariff is now in effect.
Greeting Ann

At this stage, it may be premature. I'd read some articles this AM on Reddit ebikes and assumed phase one of Trumps tariffs were being enacted and since my order was on route I suspected the worse. My order btw, was a complete bike not components..sorry for being so alarming but this whole Tariff mess and process has everyone upset ..thanks for your feedback and update