TERN GSD - Cargo Hold Panniers - Waterproof ?


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Hi there,
since Nov this year I am a proud owner of a GSD S10 including the Cargo Hold Panniers. After my first tour under rainy conditions I became a bit disenchanted about the waterproof feature of the panniers. They get wet inside very fast. I am wondering what experience other GSD users have with the Cargo Hold Panniers and if there is anything I can do to make them usable in bad weather conditions as I really like the storage capabilities of the panniers.
I also attached a picture of the panniers inside as it started raining ...

I am looking forward to read of your experiences with the Tern GSD Cargo Hold Panniers.

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I can't comment specifically on the Tern cargo hold panniers but I've used a number of different types over the years. I'm sure they exist but I've never had much luck with "waterproof" models. The main issue I've had is the material getting saturated and moisture wicking through to the interior. From your picture, it looks like that is also your problem. I've heard of others having some success using spray waterproofing products but in my case, I just line the pannier with a plastic bag when riding in foul weather.

The Tern appears to be well designed with that oversized cover flap. At $150, you'd think it would do a better job of shedding water.