Tern HSD rear rack


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These are the exact words that describe the Tern HSD's rack from their web page. I don't see them mentioning more than one kid and the pictures only show one seat with one kid.

Atlas H Rack
Extra long and extra strong, the Atlas H Rack handles up to 60 kg (132 lbs) of cargo so you can carry your kid, your groceries, or load it up for a week of bike camping.


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Now here is the GSD and clearly states made for carrying two kids....maybe the GSD will suit you better.

Carries the Family
With room for up to two Thule Yepp Maxi child seats, plus grocery space to spare, the GSD lets you ditch the minivan. The low step-thru frame makes getting on and off much safer, and with an extra low center of gravity, the GSD is stable and steady.

Chris Nolte

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As @TimJohn stated it’s intended to carry one child and the GSD is made for two. Technically it might be possible but the handling will be much better and safer on a bike designed for that purpose.