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I know this is an ebike forum, but does anyone have any experience with the TerraTrike E.V.O.? I live in a hilly neighborhood and was wondering about the climbing ability of the trike ?


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I didn't know what the TerraTrike EVO was, so I had to Google it.

I would say yes. It has Bosch Active Line Plus mid drive (50Nm) of torque, comes with 11-36T 10 speed, with 44T crankcase, but it only has 20 inch rims, which gives it better mechanical advantage for climbing.

Maybe other members here with Bosch mid drive and comment?

Although, I don't know if I can call this setup a "mid drive" because the motor is far forward.

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I previously carried Terratrike, and while I did not have any direct experience with their Bosch assisted Rambler EVO, I would guesstimate based on experience with many conversions I have done using mid drives at the crank on Terratrike Recumbents, you should be not have any issues at all climbing hills. Their Recumbents are usually all geared pretty low, and if they stuck with a 46T or lower front chain ring, you'll have plenty of assist from the Bosch. just be sure to downshift to lower gears when hills are steep, as you would with non electric. The Rambler is a very nicely built trike, with chromoly steel frame. Some people find the seat to be too narrow for them though, and on that model they dont offer their wide seat option. Assist on these Recumbent trikes is a blast ! With 3 wheels you can do some fun stuff into turns. Gotta be careful though. I've been able to get the rear end to slide sideways.