The Britt Pedal... Very Different


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I'm going to say show me before I fall for another one of these wonder ebike

Here’s what cyclists can expect from the Britt Power Pedal:
  • An instant power boost that allows your bike to do a third of the work for you
  • A lowered heart rate – typically of 25 beats per minute – which means arriving at your destination less hot and sweaty
  • 10 miles of assisted cycling for each battery charge
  • The ability to cycle under your own steam – and save that boost for those hills – simply by flipping the pedal over
  • No interference with your cycle’s gears

Been in development 4 years and still looking for more funding..

Ravi Kempaiah

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I'm going to say show me before I fall for another one of these wonder ebike
This is exactly what I thought. No video or animation to explain how this works.
Gyroscopes are used in our cellphones to change the screen orientation whenever we turn them and with the help of a gyroscope, the mass could be shifted but I am looking forward to learn how they execute it and the physics behind it.
Better not to invest heavily before these things are vetted thoroughly.

Here is a video of Gyro stabilized bicycle.

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I am struggling to understand how a pedal provides a power boost .... where does it transfer this power to exactly?

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These guys contacted me out of the blue (probably in response to this thread) earlier today with the following:


What would you like to know about the pedals? They certainly work. They've been tested by the University of Brighton. Maybe the site needs a how it works page... Though then big companies with big money will win the race to market.

The basis for operation is parallel axis theorem.

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My first thoughts after visiting their site was the same as you guys... are there little motors in the pedals that push against the sole of your shoe to add a boost with each rotation? I responded to them with the following message before realizing you guys were chatting about it here:

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out, I would love to test the Britt Pedals and add a review to the site helping to expose them to more people.

Your website has a nice introduction but did leave me wondering exactly how they work... I'm currently in Florida with plans to visit NYC and Chicago next, if you have any prototypes in the field please let me know!

If you have any questions to add feel free to chime in, maybe they will answer here but if they just respond via email I'll post as long as it's not private.


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If they have a patent then I would like to know if not I understand their lack of info...there is no such thing as a free lunch ;)



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I bumped into the guy who invented this system last year. He spotted my e-bike parked up and came over for a chat.

He also invited me down to try the system out to see what I thought. I'd forgotten all about that offer until spotting this, so will have to email him to arrange a try. :)

Here is a short news link that he forwarded to me at the time.
Dude Eddie! That's awesome, you've got the inside scoop and you're right there in the UK. Hook it up and mention EBR because he reached out and seemed to want to help us understand. This could be really cool :D

inside-britt-pedal.jpg electric-bike-power-pedal.jpg britt-power-pedal-motor.jpg brighton-electric-bike-pedal.jpg inventor-of-britt-pedal.jpg

I just watched the video on the BBC site you linked (added a few screenshots above). Very cool! He seems like a nice guy and I'm starting to get it. There's a motor in the middle of the pedal that turns the crank and in turn the pedal pushes against part of the sole of your shoe to provide assistance. I like that one side offers assistance and the other does not. Neat stuff, I hope he sends me a pair for review as well!

I wonder if he's thought of using Kickstarter or something?
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