The FLX Blade - Solid FUN!

Thanks for your review. I may just order one - but hard tail concerns me; do you have a seat post suspension? Considering thudbuster or bodyfloat. Other concern is the weight - I believe it is 58lbs with battery - a monster to lift onto bike rack!
Also it would be great if you posted all the mods you have - some thingy under horizontal bar, bottle cage, phone holder, lights etc.
thanks again!
I do have a seat post... the Suntour SP12-NCX It works great but probably not a true replacement for a FS bike. For my light trail riding and the terrible roads we have in Austin, it does the job.

It is a heavy bike, but I knew that going in... however, while riding with non-electric bike friends, I will turn off the power completely and I find that the bike is completely useable in a non-powered situation. As far as weight for lifting it... yeah, it can be a handful. I have one of these Bikehand Repair stands and can do it on my own but it's a heavy lift.

And here's the list of all the upgrades I have on my bike:

Hope that helps!
Thanks for the pic, the review and for listing your mods - your bike looks great!
I’ve followed this bike for a long time. Seems FLX had trouble first making deliveries, then shipping damage, then with gen1 motor failures, then their batteries were falling out...but at each step it appeared to me that they addressed the issues. Looks to me like it’s now ready for prime time!
Do you agree? Have you had any problems with the bike? If so, has FLX been responsive? Would you buy this bike again?
Do you agree? Have you had any problems with the bike? If so, has FLX been responsive? Would you buy this bike again?
Yeah, I love this bike. It's been about 4 months and 900 miles and it's been a great ride. It's my first mid-drive so I'm learning that drive components (chain, cassettes, etc) wear happens much faster. The torque on this bike is ridiculous. While I spend most of my time in "Eco - level 1" so that I'm getting a work out, it's puts an absolute smile on my face when I switch it into "Sport - level 5" mode. In a low enough gear, you can pop a wheelie on take off. I would buy it again without hesitation.

The only issue I've had popped up recently in a more consistent way.... skipping in the 2 smallest cogs on the back cassette. Those 2 are the ones I live in the most, once up to speed (meaning I never start out in those small cogs -- it's stress on the motor and the chain/gears). The cassette (and the entire SRAM EX1) is designed for e-bikes, so I would expect a longer lifespan on the system. I just reached out to FLX customer service last night and got a reply this morning for some more info and pictures while we attempt to see if this expected/a warranty issue.

Once I have some sort of outcome, I will report back. If it's true that you can only expect 900 miles on heavily used cogs, it will be a bit of a bummer (and a lesson learned with mid-drive systems)... because that means if I keep up the similar pace, it's a $300-400 cost of replacement + install every 4 months. Something I'll have to learn how to do myself.
Where are you getting the $400 + install figure from?

A new chain and cassette and chainrings?
Google “Sram xg-899” and you’ll see the price, for the cassette alone. The issue is that it’s just 2 cogs but you have to replace the whole thing. I found a place that sells it for 240 in the US, but gonna see what FLX has to say first. The chainring and chain are fine.

The cassette had some problems earlier on, with the locking ring coming loose and the gears spinning free. The shop was able to tighten it back down but several hundred miles later the skipping got worse to the point I have to feather those last two cogs.
Thanks for the update, Jason!

My FLX Blade is supposed to arrive on Monday. I’ll be very interested to hear how your current cogs issue with FLX is resolved.
Support got back to me today... actually I woke up to an email that my order had shipped and another email that said they shipped the 2 small cogs. So it should just be a matter of getting them installed, which they said they would also cover the cost.

My impression after talking to a few mechanics and research online was that replacing individual cogs wasn't an option in most cases... and a full replacement is the only option, so it's good to know we can replace worn cogs. I'll need to see if they will sell them moving forward and stock up!
Good news - glad to hear that FLX is taking of things. As it should be with a warranty.

And I hope you don’t mind (imitation after all IS the sincerest form of flattery) but I just added about 1/2 of your bike mods to my Amazon shopping cart! If you ever visit Seattle and see a bike that looks suspiciously like yours, it’s me.

And also...I’m glad that you’re out in front of me by 3+ months - thank you for your service! (I’ll be watching you; cogs).
going to be copying some of your mods as well. I had already decided the Super Moto-X tires were probably the way to go for commuting but seeing it on your bike sealed the deal!