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A search in this forum will reveal that there have been instances of various degrees of noice coming from the hub. I just opened a Tech Support case with Juicedbikes to see if we can correct this. I purchased the bike on August 20, 2019 (about 20 days ago) and it has about 140 miles on it.

In the video the grind does not sound like much but in real life it does not sound normal. The bike just started doing this noise and I have confirmed that it is coming from the hub. It is random (comes and goes) under all circumstances (pedaling, gear, assist level and using the accelerator).

I will be traveling for a month with limited internet access but any feedback will be appreciated. I will keep you posted on Juice's response to my request to exchange the rear wheel.


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To me it sounds more tinny than grinding. It's not insignificant, and should be addressed. I had an ebike that made a similar type sound, turned out it was the hub motor machine screws needed to be tightened every once in awhile. I used a torque wrench set to 4 or 5 newton meters. The tinny harmonic vibration went away. Same type of sound can happen with the rotor attached to the hub, if not properly torqued.


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I received my CrosscurrentX on August 28 and have 130 miles on it and hear almost exactly the same sound. It started happening right around the 100 mile mark for me. I haven't had a chance to investigate it thoroughly yet, but I did find this on the Juiced support site which might be related (although it sounds more like a rattle/grind than a clicking sound) :

Hub Motor Clicking Noise


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I was hoping that the noise would be brake or other alignment issue but it is coming from the motor. Here is how I determined it:
  • I physically removed the rear brakes (and the noise still occurred) so it is not brake pad rubbing issue
  • The sound also happens when I use the accelerator only, so it is not pedal related.
  • When the sound is happening, if I switch off the motor by either slightly pressing the brake lever or by using the assist controller and switching from ECO to 0 mode, the sound goes away, which indicates that it is motor related.
I have contacted Juicebikes support and they want me to send the wheel in and for me to wait (without a bike) for them to troubleshoot and repair. SINCE I FOUND AND REPORTED THE ISSUE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE, I am asking them to send me a new rear wheel, charge me for it and credit me back when they receive the defective product back, that way I am not left stuck without a bikes for weeks while they determine the issue. I am waiting to hear back from Juice.

Thank you for reviewing and responding to this post.

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That sounds reasonable. Let us know how it goes.
Agreed. That would be a great solution to your problem, and not leave you without a bike for all that time.

I took my bike to the LBS yesterday for routine maintenance. 3000 miles on my CCS and I just broke a spoke, the rear tire needs replacement, the derailleur needs adjusting, and the chain needs to be replaced. I'd say after 3000 miles that's a pretty good record. 3000 miles on a Schwalbe Marathon Plus -- I'm real happy about that.

But, they said it would be about a week before I get it back. And here we are with cooler weather making riding even more enjoyable. Oh well.

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If I had a nickel for every support event were the grind, or tick, or clicking sound was a loose screw, or out of place chain guard, or some other simple issue where the rider thought the kit was pooched... I could buy a nice Sherry Cask Single Malt, not a 15, but surely a 12 year old.