The Latest and Greatest from Optibike, R15

Discussion in 'High Speed' started by Bike_On, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member

    I keep up with the latest offering from Optibike, since I owned a couple of them from 2007-2012. These bikes are the cat's meow, but pricey. The original FULL suspension (All FOX), high speed (+28MPH), large battery (1000 Whr, full hydraulic disk brakes, integrate front head light, and high power/wt ratio. This was done back in 2007.

    Here is their latest offering.... seems to have it all except PAS and a rear integrated light.

    The New 2017 Optibike R15
    • New MBB with tougher gears gives you 175Nm of torque
    • New Digital Display
    • New 48V 22.5Ah 1080Wh Higher Capacity Battery
    • 5 Power Levels gives you more flexibility for riding style and speed
    • Torque Control Throttle gives you easier control while riding
    I do not know of a mid drive with more torque or power. Because it is throttle only, people do hate on the Opti offerings. Does it make that much of a difference?

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  3. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    Wow, impressive, but at 1500W and 33mph top speed, I don't think it is classed as a bicycle anywhere. The US$13,990 price tag is also impressive.
  4. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member

    f it had PAS and a limited speed at 28mph, it would qualify like all the Bosche speed mid- drives. But it would accelerate much faster. 175 vs 60 nm of torque, and 1500 vs 350w of power.
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  5. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    What does that mean?
  6. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member

    Typo, sorry about that.

    Bosch speed bikes have 60nm or torque and 350W ave power, likely 500-700W peak however.

    The Opti 15R has 175nm of torque and 1500W ave power, maybe more for peak. That will accelerate much faster.

    To maintain 28mph requires the full 350W Bosch output, leg power, a flat road with a good surface and smooth tires and a crouch position. The 34mph advertised Opti speed is upright and throttle only. Remember, power increases exponentially with speed due to air resistance.

    My thought was the same R15 with a mode to limit to 28mph, but the same acceleration and PAS vs throttle control.

    Would the ebike community then accept Optibike as a class3 pedelec or still consider it a motorcycle?
  7. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    A pedelec can go up to 28 mph, but you can NOT have throttle at all. If you throttle, the max speed is only 20 mph. None of that matters anyways because the motor on the Optibike is 1500W, which exceeds the 750W maximum.

    If Optibike is restricted to 750w and 20 mph with throttle (or 28 mph without throttle), then it can be a classed ebike. But then it is no longer special.
  8. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member

    You are right... per the un-official ebike laws and propaganda of classifications, the power limit is 1hp, 750W... I forgot that detail.
  9. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member

    Classification doesn't make it less of a bicycle. Many bikes ride 30-35mph with ample safety, good brakes, stability. If the gears are high enough and one is still pedaling to add power... It's a bike to me.

    Being this is a High Speed Thread on an Electric Bike forum, all 28mph+, non- pedelecs , with working pedals, still qualify I suppose.
  10. jazz

    jazz Active Member

    Nice bike, no where near worth $13k
  11. RoadWrinkle

    RoadWrinkle Member

    Very impressive electric motorcycle with pedals. The engineering is great, but why not just buy a motorcycle if this is what you want? Electric bicycles need to be bicycles first. What is the point if you are not helping to move the bike with your pedaling? I don't think a bike with a throttle is really a bicycle.
  12. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member


    There is nuance here. The bike has 5 levels of assist. Select the lowest level and the rider will have less assist than several bike on this forum. Did it become a bicycle again, ass of a sudden?
    Second, if the bike was PAS only, and only has top assist of 1500W, and no throttle, is it still a bicycle?

    Let us agree on this, throttle or PAS, so long as the gearing allow power transfer from legs to wheel, at any speed, it is a bicycle. Yes?
  13. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member

    The bike is not for everyone. The 14 Rohloff gearing makes it more efficient than a hub motor on and off road especially, but one has to go through the gears. - tradeoff of ease and convenience for efficiency.

    If I could afford it, it would be a great high speed commute option to get me to work faster on days the legs are tired. Instead of averaging 20-21mph on my Focus mid drive, this would average 28-30 mph, or a little less if not pushing it.

    As for price...many of the top end ebikes are $6-7k already, have high end hydl brakes, fox shocks. Opti has double most battery capacity ($1500) a custom frame ($500), dual headlight, rear Fox shock ($500). More so, the engineering to handle 1500W in the motor ($1500) , a Rohloff hub upgrade ($1k). That takes you to $11-12k. The bike should cost 9-10k IMO.
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