The new Stromer ST5


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The new Stromer ST5 will be presented at the Eurobike show coming end of this month.

Only a few details are already known:

State of the art: The fully networked, fully integrated top model from S-Pedelec pioneer Stromer

An absolutely clean handlebar without a single visible cable, advanced connectivity and a Sport mode that provides even more power at the push of a button: The groundbreaking new Stromer ST5 heads for the starting line. And in terms of safety and smoothness: The frame geometry is ideally attuned to the 27.5” wheels and the high-performance tires specifically developed with Pirelli deliver not only a great deal of grip.



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Must have more info!!!! :) don't care about connectivity, care about a quality bike that is fun to ride, especially for distance...needs front shock and a decent price ..make a great retirement present to me!

Ravi Kempaiah

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Totally agree - my ST2-S is wonderful on flat ground but takes a good deal of effort on hills compared to a lot of other bikes. What are the downsides to a motor with more torque? Does having more torque mean more weight and/or less range automatically?
The ST5 has a new motor!
The direct drive motor on the Stromer is pretty good for rolling hills and mild hilly terrain. It will certainly outperform most mid-drives on flats. but it only slows down if you are starting up a very hill road from dead stop.

I am wondering if this is more cutting edge than the ST2-S, the cost is going to be upwards of $10K+ ??
Clearly just a rendering/drawing, but are there any hints in this picture?

Thanks for the news, glad to hear that Stromer is continuing to innovate! I much prefer rear hub motor vs mid-drive. The ST2 is a very advanced cycle, and I love mine. The three areas to improve: Motor, batteries, and chain-drive. If the motor is new, hopefully the design can be sleek/custom to match the frame. Battery tech is improving, smaller, lighter and rapid recharge (20 mins for full charge). Chain drive can be better if replaced by carbon belt, with internal gearing. The motors are so powerful, you don't need more than a handful of gears.


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The ST5 has a new motor!
Yes, of course. The bigger size of the wheels need a motor which turns even slower.

Coincidentally, Maxon finally released its bikedrive a few weeks ago. Along with Go Swissdrive, this is the 2nd manufacturer of hub drives in Switzerland. But maybe TDCM build the new motor. However, I'm curious on its data.
I have to say, this sounds exciting! Although I am also curious as to why they are skipping the ST3 and ST4...?

For future iterations of the Stromer, in my opinion, these are some of the improvements to be made:

- Good seat suspension. I don't feel a great need for front suspension as I mainly ride on paved roads. However, I do feel that good seat suspension is really necessary, even for the well paved roads, as even small bumps become very uncomfortable while going at top speed after a few miles.
- A horn or a very loud bell. The bell currently provided is pathetic when you consider the high speeds a Stromer reaches. A built-in horn that runs off the main battery would be great.
- A more comfortable saddle. I think most people would agree that you ride a Stromer very differently to how you would ride a racing bike, yet the ST2 S saddle seems to be designed for racing bikes. On a Stromer, you stand up on the pedals very rarely.
- Indicator or signalling lights for turning right and left, similarly to a motorbike. It can be difficult and very dangerous to stick your arm out to indicate right or left when going at full speed.
- A sturdier rear pannier rack that can hold more weight and possibly a solution for carrying a spare battery.

Just my two cents...I know many other riders may feel differently!

I eagerly await more news about upcoming Stromer innovations!


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Beryo. I have a Brooks B-17 Imperial on my St2 that is a great saddle. I have a narrow Brooks Cambium on another, like your Fizik on your Sts. It is not going to stay on much longer I am predicting.

Chris Nolte

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I'll have more info tomorrow at the show but I'm pretty sure it has a Pinion drive, a belt, fully integrated cables and it's going to be about 15k. I'm flying out to Eurobike tonight and I'll try to update here with more info when I get it.

Ravi Kempaiah

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Awesome, Chris!

Now this would certainly be interesting! What makes you think they switched to Pinion?
I am expecting the bike to look something like this. [Pic below]
Pinion is one of the most durable gear boxes. Pinkbike did a great piece on the technology.
It's like Rohloff but with better positioning in the bottom bracket.

I had a chat with the Stromer product manager few months ago and I knew they were working on something with a gates drive.
Also, the BH and Stromer consult the same engineering design unit at Fairly Manufacturing.



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Pinion is one of the most durable gear boxes.
Unfortunately, they are rare on the street. I saw only very few and did not have the chance to chat with the riders.I've heard, the Pinion is not as fast as the Di2 and has some disadvantages under load. Is this true?

Regarding the ST5, I expect a classic drivetrain - but something like this on the brakes: