The therapeutic value of ebiking for people with anxiety or depression

I went out for the first time on my new ebike today, and the first thing I learned (by accident) is a trick that helps me get my leg over the step through frame. I just stepped a bit further away from the ebike and tilted it towards me, then I could get my foot over without catching it. I had my seat a bit too low because I was thinking I might have to swing my leg over the back of the bike. Once I was riding, this really bothered my right knee which has severe arthritis and doesn't bend more than 45 degrees. I didn't have this problem a couple of years ago when I had the other ebike. Luckily the seat was quick release and I could fix it right away.

In the past I had always ridden throttle ebikes, so I wasn't used to juggling pedelec settings and gears at the same time. I went to the nearest residential neighbourhood and rode round and round the streets, practicing stopping at stop signs etc. I was surprised and pleased at how much exercise I got, though I didn't increase the pedelec setting beyond 5 (it goes up to 9). I can see where my legs and knees might get tired and start to ache, so I'm glad I have a throttle just in case. It was only -2 C/high 20's F and I didn't expect to be able to stay out for too long, but the exercise warmed me up. It was a beautiful sunny day and the roads were dry. I was out for about an hour. They're forecasting a few sunny +2-3 C days next week so I'll have more time to practice.
Ill have to try the lean the bike trick.
Ive become a flashaholic so im spoilt for choice now on which torches i use when i go out at night, torch as we aussies call them.
I now have 2 decent bike mounts so i can mount both mid and small torches to use for extra lighting.
I retired 5 years ago, I found myself having some odd symptoms and saw a doctor who referred me to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with PTSD. Medication and therapy have helped but what has worked wonders for me are two things, my e-bike is number one. It provides exercise and a peaceful ride, I can't say enough about it. The second thing is starting a small lawn service, I allready had a zero turn radius mower so I took on about 13 accounts, being outside smelling the grass and flowers is great! I feel better than I have in years.