Thule Easy Fold bike rack for E-bikes

Discussion in 'Parts and Accessories' started by drcollie, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. drcollie

    drcollie Member

    A very well-thought out bike rack with several nice features, doesn't rattle or shake, and will hold 2 Ebikes @ 65 lb each max. rated weight. Shown with my Stromer ST2 S and my wife's A2B Alva + on the rack. And it has a cool party trick, you can fold it down very easily to get into the back of your vehicle. Expensive, but perfect for bikes with fenders.




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  3. Ravi Kempaiah

    Ravi Kempaiah Well-Known Member

    This and Kuat NV 2.0 are the best E-bike racks (of course, there is 1UP too).
    I hope you remove the batteries before transporting them!
  4. Over50

    Over50 Active Member

    Thanks for posting this. I will be needing a rack soon and was leaning towards this Thule. Good to see it in action. But then I just read another thread describing his bike falling off of this rack while driving. So maybe a bit more research to do.
  5. drcollie

    drcollie Member

    The only way a bike could fall off this rack is through operator error, failure to secure it properly. It's a very positive engagement system but does require you use it correctly, i.e., tighten until you hear the 'click'
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  6. Douglas Ruby

    Douglas Ruby Active Member

    I purchased this Thule. It works great and will stabilize even on a 1 1/4" hitch. I can fold it up and put it the trunk of my wife's Camry, so that is cool too!. And yes, I always take the battery out before transport.
  7. dm nelson

    dm nelson Active Member

    Looks like a sweet, useful $700 hitch rack. I'll continue using my old Thule hitch mount for now, but start saving for that easy fold :)
  8. Over50

    Over50 Active Member

    Got my Thule Easy Fold. It was discounted $140 on Amazon perhaps a Black Friday deal. Tested it out with my human powered Spot Brand bike. I only tested the short arm and when I re-watched the YouTube videos after my test, they said to listen for a click when tightening down the clamp. I never heard this and the clamp was about as tight as it would go. I will have to re-test at some point.

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  9. kathik

    kathik New Member

    I also recently purchased the Easy Fold rack for my car. You must tighten the knob very tight until you hear the click. Same goes for the knob you use to tighten the rack to the receiver before locking. The clicking noise is similar to what you would hear when over tightening the cap on your vehicles gas tank.
  10. justforfun

    justforfun Member

    Just found out our Yakima Holdup 2 doesn't fit the wheelbase of wife's Interceptor. I was looking at motorcycle racks and now the Thule.
  11. Chris Nolte

    Chris Nolte Well-Known Member

    I had the Kuat NV for years and it served me well, but I was always envious when I installed this on my customer's cars. Since I got rid of my car about a month ago I sold my Kuat and I think I'll be investing in the Easy Fold for when I need to rent a car and transport bikes. I wish they made a model like the easyfold that could handle four bikes. The easyfold is well worth the money in my opinion though. As someone with a back injury I find it very easy to handle. I never removed my Kuat rack because I used it a lot and frankly it was too damn heavy, especially mine because it had the extension.
  12. Scooteretti

    Scooteretti Member

    Here's a video we did awhile ago on the Thule Easy Fold 9032 bike carrier.

    We've been using the same carrier for several years now for shows / deliveries etc.... and it's worked out great. This is being used for commercial purposes and is holding up really well and like anything when you have multiple staff using company property things are sometimes tossed around but the Easy Fold has held up flawlessly.


  13. Over50

    Over50 Active Member

    Just looking for a bit of clarification: When I tighten the arm clamps I get the audible click. When I tighten the receiver to the hitch I don't get any audible click. And I've tightened until I can't tighten anymore (and it sure didn't feel like that Thule was coming off). I rewatched all the videos and I didn't see anyone mention a click to signal the receiver is fully tightened. Is this correct? The click only applies to the arm/frame clamps?
  14. Scooteretti

    Scooteretti Member


    You are correct there is no click on the tightener at the hitch. The audible "click" is just at the 2 arm clamps.


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  15. galvinro

    galvinro New Member

    I like the design of Thule but it is pretty expensive so I ended up getting the Surco DBR400 at The swing away feature of this bike rack is a major plus because I can easily access the back of my Journey. This rack can also transport up to 4 bikes. Its construction is solid, making it great for long distance drives.
  16. Alphbetadog

    Alphbetadog Active Member

    The problem with so many of these racks with the plastic knobs and fittings is that after several years the plastic parts get brittle and eventually break. The parts are either super expensive or more likely unavailable.
    I recently found and bought the 1up rack which is very high quality and is completely all metal and made of aircraft quality aluminum and grade hardware. Not a single plastic part.Very easy to use, and folds up nicely. They even make a super-duty version for heavy ebikes.
  17. londonlad

    londonlad New Member

    I'm 4 days into E-bike ownership!!
    More than 1 person suggests that the battery be removed while transporting a bike.
    Thanks in anticipation of what is likely to be overwhelmingly obvious answer.
  18. Rincon

    Rincon Active Member

    Weight. Wear and tear on the rack and your back, hernias too.
  19. J.R.

    J.R. Well-Known Member

    I would also add that it's the one item an owner could save from a mishap, with 2 seconds of effort. Since the battery is about 25 to 50% of the value of an ebike, that's a big savings.
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  20. Scooteretti

    Scooteretti Member

    Agreed it's weight reduction and safety as you've now removed a power source from the bike during transportation. On short trips up to the trails I leave my battery on the bike, but on longer trips I take them off. The EasyFold 9032 can handle the weight so it's not a question of the racking being damaged from too much weight.
  21. harryS

    harryS Active Member

    My two dolphin batteries are a bit over 6 pounds, per my bathroom scales. Not much, but the less weight on the rack, the better. Easier lifting is another reason.

    Another is weather. If you drive in a hard pouring rain, it will penetrate into cracks and whatever at speed. You don't water getting inside the battery. For that matter, you don't want water penetrating into the handlebar electronics. On long trips, I put plastic baggies around the controls and secure them with rubber bands.