Tire options for Delight

I am planning to ride a Delight and nearly all mileage will be on roads instead of trails. Road conditions in my area are not the best with cracked pavement, rumble strips in some shoulders and a lot of debris from construction trucks. Some gravel shoulder riding when roads are under construction.

Razor Rocks appear to be the standard tire installed on the Delight. I am considering tubeless due to all the road debris.

The specs at Schwalbe list Razor Rocks as level 3 for road grip and level 5.5 for off road. Wondering if I should consider a different tire for the road conditions in my area. Any input with pros or cons for Razor Rocks are welcome.


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I found the rock razors to have too high a rolling resistance and not enough protection also they are noisy on the road at speed. The super moto x 27.5 x 2.4 with the reflective sidewall is by far the best and most durable pavement tire. The 2.8 super moto x dont have the same high protection level. My Delight is the Mountain and I do more off road riding with is so I am using Smart Sams with a near solid middle strip for lower rolling resistance on the roads and decent lugs on the sides for better off pavement grip. My Homage which came with rock razors has the super moto x tires on it.
There is a thread on an MTB forum with positive feedback for the the Moto X as street tires. I have been considering the G-One Allrounders. The specs at Schwalbe are very similar with G-One & Moto X for rolling and road grip. Slightly higher for durability with Moto X.

Most of the riding in my local area is on asphalt streets. Just not sure the tread on Razor Rock is the way to go. I will definitely consider your suggestion of Moto X. Thanks!


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The Rock Razors that R&M supply are a special tire from Schwalbe that use the TravelStar compound, their specs do not line up with the specs from Schwalbe website. I found this out after i ordered my R&M SC with different tires :(
I believe the main difference is longevity & puncture resistance but there may be more.
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Man, this world of tire selection is EXTREMELY confusing, was just looking at Michelin's options and all their terms/acronyms, with other manufacturers, wow. Too much for me, i might just stick with Schwalbe now and go from now on, on experience.