ToughRoad GX E+

Thanks for the photos and ideas. I like moving the bell down below, I'll give that a shot. Regarding using the miniUSB port from the display, I was able to connect it and it works. Not sure if it's charging, but it will maintain the level. I was even able to go on a long ride with my phone plugged in and tracking with strava the whole time the battery remained constant.
Hey all,

I'm new to EBR Forums, and am planning to buy a Toughroad E+ GX (model year 2018) for 45-50 km (~30 miles) single trip, once a week commutes.
As combining these distances twice on a day, together with the working day, is a bit too tiring on my normal road bike I am looking into the e-bike option.

The Toughroad E+ 2018 is currently my favorite option, as I can buy it with a reasonable discount (€2499, from €3299).
My requirements are:
- Sport/aero position
- Preferably drop bars
- 32mm tire clearance
- Bike weight close to 20kg or lower, not 25+
- Effective range of 30+ miles
- The cheaper the better, not very likely to spend over €3000
- Not a speed pedelec, still want to ride bike only trails/paths (not allowed for 45km/h 28mph bikes in Belgium)

I think the toughroad ticks all those boxes.
I've looked at other options (Road E+ (1 & 2), CrossRip, Haibike), and speed pedelec (Quick E+, E-Grinder). But the higher prices put me off.

But, I still have some questions for you guys who have experience with this bike, the local shop couldn't answer with certainty yet.
- I've read that Giant improved their cadence cut-off limit for both the Sport & Pro SynDrive.
-- When do you feel power starting to cut off? I'd like to able to do a maximum of 100-105 continuous cadence. My avarage cadence on the commute on my road bike is mid 80.
-- Is this improvement true for the 2018 model?
- Would you think the 42x11T will be a limiting factor to reach a speed of e.g. ~45km/h? When I'd try slipstreaming behind some pedelecs :)
-- Maybe you know a certain speed at another gear, for a certain cadence? And I can calculate what that would result in on gears 42x11T
- Does the 2018 model have the five (instead of three) assist levels?

Regarding your search for extra mounting space, I have been using these with success on my road bike:
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Thanks for the link. That looks like a good option.

Regarding your questions, I can’t say for sure but I don’t think the 2018 sport motor supports those higher cadences. I don’t typically pedal above 85 or 90 and the only time I recall being above 90 I was past the cutoff for the motor. It seems 75-80 is a pretty good sweet spot for power delivery but perhaps someone else can comment on the power of this motor at a given cadence more accurately.

My chain ring is 48 so surprised to see your area has it 42. Perhaps have a look here.

And yes, 5 assist levels on my 2018.
Thanks for the fast reply.
Both US & Belgium specs list for the Crankset: SRAM X-Sync 42T, so I expected 42 teeth for the chain ring?

Giant claims 100 RPM cadence for the SyncDrive Sport, but I can't find info from which model year that is the case. page number 8

Edit: sorry, wrong numbers (those were for the Pro)
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Interestingly, the 2019 Canadian model has 42T chainring. Seems the Canadian 2018 was an anomaly. Personally I’m happy with the 48 given my riding is mostly flat.
I'm pretty sure mine is the 42T and with the bikespeed-rs I can easily reach 28mph on flats. I usually also stay around 75-80rpm. Sometimes I'd like to go even faster and wish I had a larger chainring so I might go for a 48T in the future. But 28 is a pretty good speed. I also tested the Trek CrossRip and found it was really nice and had more power, but couldn't really justify the almost $1500 more it cost. In the end I'm really happy with the toughroad as I've also taken it out onto trails which is really fun. Those are the times I kind of wish I had a front suspension, but hey, you can't have everything on a single bike!

Ravi Kempaiah

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Thought I would push the limits today... snowing and blowing all day. I was powering through the drifts and pretty deep snow fairly well until it got just a little too deep. No kickstand required! Fun times but I think I’ll drive tomorrow.
Fat tire ebike would be better for such conditions :)
Kudos to you for attempting such a commute.


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I don't know Ravi, thin tires actually do pretty well in deep snow conditions that are just on top of hard pack ground. Fat bikes do do better in built up snow conditions though for sure.

What stopped me this day was snow clogging up the rear drive components breaking trail. Otherwise I went all over the place.

I’m not sure a fatbike would have faired much better that day to be honest. I agree with JRA that the thin tires do pretty well in loose snow on top of hard pack/surface. However, I’ve never ridden a fatbike. I’ve dreamt of getting a Biktrix Juggernaut set up especially for winter but so far it’s just a dream. Or maybe Giant will release a Fat-E in 2020!
Thanks for sharing Ravi - that's quite the race!

Those road conditions in the pictures look like the place for fat tires for sure. Thinner tires like the ones I have would dig in but probably not reach a hard surface - it would be quite unstable. I had that experience on one of my first outings on the road in front of my house and it was quite unnerving with all the lateral movement as the tires were sinking but not biting into anything hard. It was challenging just to keep it going relatively straight. Thankfully 98% of my commute is not like that!


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This is an old bike buddies blog. He held the Iditibike record for a number of years. He. completed the entire route many times as well as other winter adventures.

He has always been on the vanguard of fat bike tech and the gear associated with fatbike packing. His latest posts illustrate what the possibilities are for riding a bicycle on unconsolidated snow. Super wide rims and tires run at ridiculously low pressure. Frame geometry also is a factor.

He also was an early adopter of using inflatable kayaks along with fat bikes for doing adventures that few of us would ever deem possible.
Hi all,
Got the ToughRoad as an upgrade from my 2015 Specialized Turbo.
I love the 1x system, the sram apex 1 works better than expected. The tires are nice too, they work well enough on snow, mud and ice.
I find the ride to be a little harsh compared to my Specialized Turbo. I inflate my tires to 40 psi, perhaps I need to lower that. The tubeless ready rims and tires are great.
The drop bar is very narrow. I wonder why.
Bike is extremely stable, the easiest bike to ride no-handed (not that you should).
Also I was very surprised to see that is doesn't come with thruaxle. Both front and read tires have 9mm skewers, that was disappointing.
I only got 3 speed settings: eco, normal and power. I read here that some of you have 5. What are the names for the other two?
The range is fantastic. I get 50 miles in power mode compared to 30 with my specialized turbo.
With my specialized turbo I would get up to 25-26 miles an hour. Does the bikespeed-rs work well to increase the speed from 20 to 28 miles an hour? I am missing the higher speed of my specialized turbo.
I find the saddle to be excellent, similar if not better than the specialized toupe saddle.
I get some battery vibration, do you guys know how to tighten the battery?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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I found the comfort somewhat improved riding tubeless with a lower pressure. Eventually I’d like a suspension seatpost.

I have 5 levels. Think it is something like eco, eco+, normal, sport, and sport+. What year is yours? My wife has a 2017 quick-e with evo and it has 3 levels - eco, normal, and power if I recall correct. Pretty sure they renamed the 5 in 2019 too.

Mine seems to be an anomaly here with a 48t chainring. What’s yours? Seabass said something about cruising at 25-28 with his 42t after bikespeed mod. I haven’t done it yet.

Not sure about the battery. Mine fits well. Perhaps take it to the shop and see if they can sort it out?
Good idea, I'll try tubeless.
Do you live in the USA? Mine is a 2018 USA model with 48T. I wish my bike had 5 speed settings. I sent a message to Seabass about the bikespeed. I hope to hear from him soon. Down the road, I'm planning to replace the cassette. I have 11-40 and I think something like 10-32 would be more useful. With the bikespeed, a 10 cog on the cassette is a must have.