ToughRoad GX E+

I've got the Rack-It Metro E as well, it seems very solid and mounted easily after dropping the rear wheel. I went with a Two Wheel Gear pannier since I often carry a laptop and rectangular shaped electronics; it was a bit expensive for a single pannier, but the size and full-open zipper is perfectly suited to my needs. I've never been a backpack person, but I've really enjoyed the convertible bag on my commutes.

I may add a trunk bag at some point for small items and cables, but with the easy on-off of the pannier, I haven't seen a need yet.


Over a year now and still loving this bike. 2200 km with 800 of those on winter tires.

I bought a body float seatpost, which has been the best upgrade. I wish I got it straight away rather than just this April.

In the dark of winter I needed to upgrade my light and went with Giant Recon 1600. I have a couple kms without street lights and early winter after a fresh snow it was hard to distinguish path from shoulder. This light does the trick. Super bright! I can’t power it off the USB though which I thought was surprising. If giant could figure out a way to easily plug a light into the display and be able to use the thumb control for lights - that’d be great.

And my kid bought me a small bluetooth speaker for my birthday. Another thing to mount in the handlebars lol!

But actually it’s pretty good. Here’s a pic of the current setup. Now I have full room for hands on the tops. I need to replace the grip. It’s electrical tape where I had to cut it back to fit the light the first time.

BBD19585-25A5-4329-B51F-CB1172E99FFA.jpeg C6775B46-3524-4D00-9537-0677ED97A1DF.jpeg