Trek Super Commuter 8: Owner feedback please

I'm a rider and long distance tourist since the mid 1970's. My main ride around Denver is a Salsa Fargo, but I also own a Trek Madone, a Rivendell Heron and a Breezer city bike. After much research and test riding I'm about to buy a Trek Super Commuter. I retired last year so I won't be using it for commuting. I'm thinking fun / broadening my urban travel range / partial car replacement ... fun.

Any feedback from Super Commuter owners would be welcome. Thanks.
I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills and my town contains little flatland, so I bought my 8s to get an assist going up the hills. I wasn't sure about the big tires, lack of options for the crankset and the rear rack but I am loving it! Haven't ridden in several years after my neck started giving me problems riding my Domane. Moving to the flat bars has helped a lot.

The fat tires, aired down, provide some give over bumps and, so far, the small front crank hasn't been a limitation, though I can imagine stronger riders might appreciate a few more teeth. The odd choice of only providing for panniers is somewhat bothersome in that it would be nice to have a trunk bag to throw gear in.

Those minor quibbles aside, it's great fun to ride. At 54lbs, I'd not want to get caught on the hills with no juice left in the battery, but you don't notice the weight much with no assist on the flats and a Tour or Sport setting on the hills.

I wouldn't consider the lower rated motors as 28mph comes up pretty quick but I do wish I'd seen the Police model to at least give it a go.

Be prepared to say hello to lots of folks as it draws lots of looks.