UH OH! XDURO 6.0 error codes?

Was on the trails today and after coming down a descent I started to pedal and the motor suddenly wound WAY up, then back down and the display shows red and shows ER 38 CRK/SNSR

I'm assuming something happened to the crank sensor, I called the dealer (bike is 2 weeks old) and they didn't know off hand what the code meant.

Where can I find a copy of the codes for the Yamaha PW-X motor? or even a repair manual in general, for now and future reference? Google is not delivering.
Well it was the crank sensor , but apparently the motor had some stripped teeth so a new motor is on the way.

Dealer says the motor failed because I replaced the 22T chainring with a 30T and the motor wasn't tuned for that.

Dunno if that makes sense or not, highly doubt I'll get any info out of this place about it but that's what happened.