Unboxing of Magnum Metro+ (plus)

Note that the box arrived with one of the flaps open. See that the saran wrap was wrapped around the box horizontally, covering up the handy hand holds off the bike. I would've wrapped the box vertically, securing the flaps and keeping the hand holds available.
I unpack it and only the markings on the front tire looked they were rubbed away but still looking good with one scuff mark on the rear rack.
I took stock: the handlebars need to be attached and the foot pedals to be screwed in. It comes with a charger. It even comes with a small bag of tools to help assemble the handle bar and pedals. But ... no battery. I guess with the flap open like that, the battery fell out in transit to Virginia.

For two weeks I waited for the shipping company to find the lost battery. After that, I called and got a replacement battery. I had two choices:
1) fill out an insurance claim and wait for the money over a period of time THEN get a replacement battery.
2) charge my credit card now and get an replacement battery sooner. Once the insurance claim is filled out, my credit card would be refunded.
I went with option 2.
I had to Google about the pedals. I needed to know which is left and which is right. I will ride tomorrow. I will post my initial reactions about my first test ride.
So I went for my first ride this morning. This bike has a LOT of pep to it! One surprise I found during my ride was that, even at PAS 0 (zero), the throttle still works. I live on the third floor of an apartment building and I was dreading how I can haul my bike up the stairs. I am glad that I did some research on this bike; when holding the '-' button, it supposed to start the bike going in 'walk mode' but this walk mode was so fast on level ground. At first, at the stairs, I tried gently to use the throttle but it was too awkward climbing the stairs and keeping the bike stable at the same time. Knowing that the walk mode was a little fast, I tried it out with trepidation. I didn't have to worry, the weight of the bike going up the stairs slowed down the walk mode and I was easily able to climb up the stairs and keep the bike stable at same time.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. Only thing I have to do is work out the C7 display -- lots of information on it and I can't find a manual for it.