Unlimited Budget, but want the biggest bang for my buck

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by Ben174, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Ben174

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    My budget is pretty high, since I use my bike more than my car. I'd love something that will last a long time. I bought a Sonders ebike for Burning Man and fell in love. It was only $700 and was the most fun I've ever had on a bicycle. So I'm ready to buy one for daily use now. Of course I'd like to spend as little as necessary but would like something nice.

    Me: 220 lbs, 6'1", commute about 5 miles round trip daily. I will likely pedal most of the time unless I'm late for a meeting. On weekends is when I'd like to turn on the power, will be riding through the hills on 20 mile rides. Pedal assist would be ideal but would like full power possibly for the ride home.

    Any recommendations?

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  3. ReallyGoodEbikes

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    Did you read the electricbike-blog report from the Playa? Yeah, it's not hard to fall in love with an ebike. In your case, I might suggest you take a look at the Biktrix Juggernaut line-up (my favorite is the newly-released-this-week ULTRA- 1000W mid-drive fatbike - totally awesome). Need more suggestions, give me a call and we can talk! 805-881-3365
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  4. Mark Peralta

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    I think you can get 2 ebikes. One hub driven speed pedelec commuter with fenders, and one mid drive full suspension for bombing trails, for a full spectrum of ebike experience. If you can get both with the the same battery the better since you automatically have a spare battery whichever one you use. Like the Volt bike enduro.
    and Crosscurrent S
    Just make sure that the batteries are interchangeable.
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  5. rich c

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    I put 1500 miles on a Sondors Fat, then wanted a different kind of ride. I bought a Haibike XDURO Full Seven S RX. It is a class 3 bike, 28mph, but no throttle. The Bosch mid drive will actually pull the suspension forks up in Turbo mode, so don't need a throttle as long as you can just move your legs. Large dia. rotors and hydraulic brakes to haul you quickly to a stop from 28mph. Then I bought a second bike, a Haibike XDURO Trekking S RX. Same Bosch mid drive, 28mph. But it has a 500whr battery instead of the 400 on the mtb. It also has smaller gravel type tires, full fenders, a rear rack, and 10 speeds vs 11. I've now put on 2500 miles on the two Haibikes, the Sondors collects dust in the corner until snow flies in the winter. I'm crazy about the quality and precision of Haibike and Bosch.
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  6. Mark Peralta

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    I'm a little similar to your situation but different brands and different combinations. I have 2 ebikes sharing the same battery, one mid drive and the other hub drive (Raleigh Tekoa and Izip Dash). And a third one with mid drive that does not share battery with the rest (Luna BBSHD) .
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  7. Rincon

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    IMG_5837.JPG IMG_5858.JPG IMG_5928.JPG
    That is a great post on why not to bring an ebike to Burning Man. I attended Burning Man for the first time this year. I rented a beach cruiser for the burn, delivered straight to the playa, and thought I wanted my ebike--until I actually arrived at Black Rock City and started seeing the sights. We spent 8-10 hours a night in the saddle, riding around the deep playa looking at the incredible artworks, and still didn't see half of the ~200 jaw dropping installations. That was just three weeks ago.

    Now that I'm back home, I would never bring an e-bike to Burning Man, and not for the reasons given in the blog post--which are all true and correct. I wouldn't bring an e-bike there because you only ride at 3-5 mph, you're barely peddling, the ground could not be flatter, and you're constantly stopping to see the next incredible attraction. The slower you go, the more you will see. You just don't need an ebike. And you don't ride in straight lines from one attraction to the next. You start out in a straight line, but then immediately get sidetracked because you see another amazing artwork just to the right, that you can't believe you didn't see before. So your short ride to the next installation gets shorter by stopping at something in between. Most of this exploration happens at night by the way. Many of the illuminated artworks can only be discerned in the dark when you are close, so you zigzag your way through the warm desert evening.

    The distance from once side of Black Rock City to the other is about 3.5 miles, with an infinite number of distractions between the edges. You need a cheap combination lock for Burning Man, not an e-bike. (Don't bring a keyed lock. If you drop that key in the playa dust, you'll never see it again.) My bike was stolen the one time I left it unlocked to grab a quick look at the Mayan Warrior Mutant Vehicle blasting out 70,000 watts of dance music in the deep playa. I was wandering around forlorn, thinking of the long walk back, when this dude rode up on the bike and handed it back to me. He said, "Sorry, I needed a ride." Then the jerk hugged me and walked away. That's Burning Man.

    If you love riding bikes and would enjoy spending several days absolutely gobsmacked from dawn to dusk, then leave the ebike at home, rent a beach cruiser for playa delivery and pickup, and head to Burning Man next August.
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  8. BlondAngel

    BlondAngel Member

    For the most bang for the buck, I went for a Magnum Metro+. The Juiced Bike is very similar but I went for Magnum only because it's an older (?) more established company than Juiced.
    Also, when I was doing research, I try to keep in mind on what I have to add to the bike after, such as a rear bike rac, derailleur guard and fenders. Magnum had all that included, whereas other bikes that I looked at similar price range were extra.
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  9. Dwight

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    96503D0E-3E28-4368-A6E9-654C33705CE2.jpeg I went with the fully loaded Evelo Delta, came with a 4 year, 20,000 mile warranty. My top speed so far is 33mph, torque rating at 120nm, this ebike is fast and powerful and so much fun to ride!!! The Delta has a throttle and a nuvinchi cvt with a 750 watt mid drive. Excellent customer service and fast shipping!
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  10. BlondAngel

    BlondAngel Member

    @Dwight sweet! I am jealous! @Ben174 tell us where you are in your research and decisions?
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  12. roshan

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  14. TForan

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    I'm sure the Apex is a great but looks more like a motorcycle than a bike, which wouldn't be good on paths that don't welcome E-bikes with open arms.
  15. rich c

    rich c Active Member

    And the 90 day warranty on the $5500 Apex bike doesn't give me a lot of confidence either!
  16. TForan

    TForan Member

    I don't think you get a warranty unless you pay up front.
  17. roshan

    roshan Active Member

    Magnum is actually only 3 years old :) Much like Juiced and a lot of others :)
  18. Ben174

    Ben174 New Member

    I'm actually falling more and more in love with my Sonders. I've decided it will be my permanent Burning Man bike. It's got a great community and fun and easy to upgrade. I brought it home, cleaned it up with vinegar and a power washer, and it feels like new again.

    Still researching a commuter bike though.
  19. itsaulgoodman

    itsaulgoodman Member

    ^ A power washer? As in a pressure washer? Yikes.
  20. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    Don't recommend power or pressure washers on any ebike, no matter how dirty :eek:. The mild white vinegar & water wash will work without a pressure washer, just some good old fashioned elbow grease and a bit of patience. Then you don't risk damaging the seals on the motor or controller or other less protected electronics. BTW our shop has done a lot of pre & post Burning Man ebike & escooter work. A modest amount of preventive lubing while at B.M. can go a long way to help on the backend cleanup :D
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  21. BlondAngel

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    @Ann M. what kind of lube are we talking out to put on our bikes that we can put on before riding and it helps in post-cleaning? By the way, any articles or postings on the best way to keep an ebike clean?