Unlimited Budget, but want the biggest bang for my buck

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    @Ann M. what kind of lube are we talking out to put on our bikes that we can put on before riding and it helps in post-cleaning? By the way, any articles or postings on the best way to keep an ebike clean?
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    As for keeping an ebike clean. I wash mine just like an ordinary bicycle, just with the battery removed. No pressure washer! (Not even on a regular bicycle). Once the bike is is clean and rinsed, I wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and put it away to dry completely before relubing the chain. I don't spray the display though, I just wipe that down with a damp cloth.
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    According to their website, Magnum was founded in 2010.
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    Look up Court's chat with Magnum at Interbike this year. He clearly says "We've only been here 3 years..."
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    Magnum has been available overseas for a number of years and has only recently entered the US market. It's not a brand new company.
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    That clarifies what he meant in the video :)
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    No other bike in the market that ships now with a 1000W torque sensor motor that also has a throttle.
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    Price is Canadian. Can't get a fat tire ebike here for anywhere close to that.
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