Upgrading fixed/wired lights on Bosch system


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I have been searching for info on this topic and am surprised not to have found any answers (forgive me if I am missing something obvious!).

I have a Cube bike (Kathmandu) with a Bosch motor (CX) and I would like to upgrade the front and rear lights. I see a lot of info on wiring in new lights or upgrading to higher voltage lights, but I want to do a like for like swap. So I am wondering what the best approach is. Can I simply splice the new lights into the wires connected to the current ones (so i remove the current ones and solder or crimp the wires on the new ones into the existing wiring), or is it relatively straightforward to remove the current lights and wires and connect the new ones directly to the power supply? If I swap lights do I need to do anything

On a related note, am I right in my understanding that the current wiring is at 6V? The front and rear lights it comes with are both listed at 6V, so I assume that means the supply is 6V and I need to use a 6V replacement. (I have a sSpernova E3 V6s on hand, so that would be the obvious choice). But I am not sure if the DC supply can be over the nominal voltage of the lamp (so could be 12V).

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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