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Discussion in 'Folding, Compact' started by mams99, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. mams99

    mams99 New Member

    So, while I'm REALLLY all about getting a tandem... if I get into that and actually use it, the next thing I'm going to look into is an electric urban commuter bike.

    I love in a burb of DC/B'More. Too far from work to commute it all (20 miles) and it's not a bike friendly commute. I work at the tip top of DC - right on the edge of Silver Spring. Most of my commute time is getting through/out of that area - then I fly. I wonder about parking my car and riding in. Anyone do a commute like that?

    I wouldn't want a bike on the car, but fit "in" the car.

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  3. DR Win

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    Good lightweight (under 40lbs) folding e-bikes with 20" wheels include Easy Motion EasyGo Volt and Daymak New Yorker. (There are others over 40lbs but to my mind that is too heavy to be convenient. I won't go under 20" wheels due to the chance of potholes, uneven pavement, etc.: smaller wheels can cause crashes.) They fold up nice and small for car trunk.
  4. raymann112

    raymann112 Member

    Can you use a park n ride and take the MARC? I live in Va though and i dont know its route. The whole system is made for getting people into dc in the morning and out in the evening so i dont know how well that'll work.

    I have a folding ebike and they are heavy. Im a strong guy but i wouldnt want to carry it any distance, just into my trunk. There is also a tradeoff with power and endurance.