Video: Gazelle Ultimate t10 Review

Chris Nolte

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We had the pleasure of visiting Gazelle in Dieren in the Netherlands for an early preview of their 2020 bikes. We reviewed the Ultimate t10 which is a totally new low step bike for Gazelle. It's a sporty bike with the comfort you would expect on a Gazelle. I really enjoyed this bike and I think it's going to be a very popular bike.

It has a new Gen 3 Bosch Performance Line motor, 500Wh Powertube battery, disc brakes and a Shimano XT derailleur. It's a well spec'd bike with a nice low step approachable frame.

Click the link for more about the Gazelle Ultimate t10


Marci jo

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Thanks Chris,
That's a nice looking ebike. I like the comfortable step thru frame and the rear wheel lock.
Did Gazelle provide a weight of the bike?

Chris Nolte

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Looks like a really nice ride, but I am disappointed that Gazelle is using the Purion instead of the Intuvia or Kiox.
Fortunately, you can upgrade to the Intuvia and soon the Smartphone hub if you'd like. Gazelle had some trouble with the Intuvia on their older models due to the shape of their bars so I think they are trying to avoid that again. It also keeps the price down a bit more.

Excellent review . Looks like this model will be your shops number one best seller for 2020 .
I do think this bike will be pretty popular. It's a really nice bike.