Vintage Electric 36 MPH electric bicycle


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Looks like another marketing ploy with Carol Shelby's grandson... old Grand Dad would be proud. ;)

Vintage Electric, a California-based electric bike manufacturer, collaborated with American automotive racing legend Carrol Shelby’s grandson on Vintage’s latest high-speed electric bicycle. The Shelby Cobra edition e-bike also gets the largest battery pack in the company’s lineup, a 1,123 Wh pack that comes mounted in an aluminum battery case. Vintage Electric claims that the pack is enough for 75 mi (120 km) of range at lower speeds, or 40 mi (64 km) of range at higher speeds. The bike features a hydroformed aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, regenerative braking, five power modes, a giant LED headlight and both pedal assist and throttle control.
As Vintage Electric’s Founder Andrew Davidge describes the design process:

“To channel Carroll Shelby’s spirit of design, you have to be in the presence of the phenomenal vehicles that he created. Walking around these celebrated Shelby cars, touching them, driving them, and seeing every last detail that Carroll poured into them is truly where our inspiration came from in making the new Shelby bike. When you walk up to a Cobra, this first thing you notice is the timeless aesthetic that has been celebrated for generations. The Cobra is an American icon, and we wanted to express that in our newest Vintage Electric Shelby bike.”

The top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h) is achieved by the use of a 3,000 W peak power rear hub motor. While the bike is normally in a 20 mph (32 km/h) limited mode, it can be switched into Race mode at any time to unlock the full potential of the bike. Though riders might want to stick to private property when using Race mode as the bike’s top speed is above the legal limit in much of the United States.

Not that I haven’t lobbied for higher e-bike speed limits when done safely and responsibly.

The Shelby version of Vintage Electric’s Roadster e-bike won’t cost as much as the real car. But it also won’t be cheap.
The Shelby e-bike is priced at $7,249, which is a $250 premium over the standard Roadster model.

As nice of a job as they did on the aesthetics of the bike, that’s still a hard sell in the land of budget electric bicycles, with many options priced even under $1,000.