Vintage Riese & Müller

David Berry

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2009 R&M Delite Hybrid …

It all began in the mid-nineties with the Birdy, the classic quick-fold full-suspension creation of Markus Riese and Heiko Müller.

What is interesting to me is R&M's development of ebikes based on outstanding regular bikes. Here is a photo of their 2009 Delite Hybrid which was based on an existing design which had a motor, battery and controller added to it…

I am not sure whether this was their first venture into ebikes, but it became their enduring flagship model.

Please add photos and comments.
… David

David Berry

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An OMG moment? Before the Delite Hybrid …

Date? I don't know but I'll guess around 2005–7.

And did Markus and Heiko call it a 'Delite' to offset its W. Heath Robinson design?
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