VOLT 750 Limited Review?

Discussion in 'Voltbike Forum' started by Aaron94, Nov 3, 2017.

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  3. PCDoctorUSA

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    Did you mean to say "Voltbike Yukon 750?"
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    Yes the Yukon 750 limited, ill fix it in my title
  5. PCDoctorUSA

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    You might be able to glean some info from the forum thread New Voltbike Yukon 750 Spotted. Would like to hear your feedback on the bike. It's my pick for a fat tire bike, but I'm also looking at the E-Glide ST now for something more stealthy on my daily commutes.

    NOBLNG New Member

    I received my Yukon 750 Limited last week. It has all of the upgrades that owners have been asking for. First impressions are WOW this thing is great!
    Well I got a chance to ride along with my buddy this weekend. We went twice around a 7km long twisty single track trail through the bush at a local provincial park. I've got to say this bike is NOT designed for this type of riding! There is a bit of lag to get going and a LOT of lag before the motor cuts out after I stop pedaling. I needed to keep cutting the power constantly via the brakes to avoid hitting the trees or careening off the path. The motor is not geared low enough to maintain a slow-controllable pace on a super tight trail. My buddy is a more experienced rider and has a mid-drive and seemed to make out better. That said, I love the bike on the street and it will be just fine on more open trails. I did not buy it with the intention of doing tight trails or winter riding so I am looking forward to better weather so I can really get some use out of it.