Volt 750 LTD Stem question


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Hi everyone,

To anyone with the 2018 the 750 LTD: Does it come with an adjustable stem? I just spoke to Volt and they
said I could take it to a LBS shop to get another stem. However, their website says
the stem is adjustable. Thanks for any info you maybe able to provide.


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About 2 inches maybe a touch more. You need to use the spacers so the adjustable stem still work freely. Was enough to avoid the bend on my back that was bothering me, more straight up position. Cables worked with no issue by the way.


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Thanks. I'd like an upright riding position.
I haven't ordered the 750 yet. I'm reading a lot of great reviews here and on the Volt Owners FB page.
What are your impressions of the 750? How long have you had it? What kind of riding do you do?