Volt Bike Mariner 2016: So far so happy! Observations as they happen.

It has been some time since I've posted here. The reason is that I had some issues with my Voltbike Mariner. I'm not certain to this day what caused them, but they involved several aspects of the bike - the screen, the controller, the motor...who knows. With the help and guidance of George from Voltbike, we tried to address the issues in many different ways, to no avail. The problems were compounded by the fact that Voltbike is in the greater Vancouver area, while I live in Lethbridge, Alberta - a distance of 1000 km.

In December, George agreed to replace the Mariner on warranty, at no cost to me. I received it this week, and am riding again!

That's why I am posting now. I want everyone to know that Voltbike stands behind their product.


Hi, Could somebody post a photograph of the rear brake caliper set up please. Specifically the way the brake caliper is mounted to the frame with the spacer bracket. Thank you!
I purchased Volt Mariner 2018 yesterday. Looking for some help with optimal settings that people have tried and used here without any issue. I am looking for speed using throttle. Appreciate, if you can share your settings.

As of now, I have left everything to default setting. In my test this morning, I was able to reach speed of 30kms using throttle. If, I can increase the speed to 40kms, I will be very happy.


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