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Hello everyone, I am new to the site. Has anyone here purchased the Bravo yet or heard anything about it? I am interested in the Bravo due to my 40km round-trip commute on flat terrain. Not really into the off road aspects of the ebike, at most I would be riding on gravel roads/trails but my main usage would be pavement. I really like the fact that it has disc brakes, front suspension and the ability to adjust the top speed and motor output through the controller. It doesn't seem like many other manufacturers allow this. Also, it looks like it has lights included as well as a rack and fenders. From what I have read so far a 500w motor should be enough for a larger guy like me on flat ground. I am 6'2" and 230lbs. The battery claims to provide good range even when all electric. I am a little concerned about the reviews here on their customer service performance but I liken that to a small company in a burgeoning industry trying to find its feet. Replies from Voltbike on here seem sincere and they want to help as they can. I am totally new to ebikes and have never owned or ridden one before. I have enjoyed reading all your posts about the other models. Hope some of you have some insight or even first-hand information on the Bravo. Thanks!

Barry S

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Looks like a discounted Yukon 750:
  • 500W vs 750W
  • Mechanical Disk Brakes vs Hydraulic
  • 27.5 x 2.1" tires vs 26 x 4"
  • 12.8Ah battery vs 16Ah
$250 less than the Yukon and could be very popular for those that don't want fat tires. It's also in-stock! I'm 5'10 and 217# and wasn't impressed with the power of a geared rear hub 500W non-name ebike that I rented. Not all 500W bikes are created equal so it might have just been I was riding junk.

If you're travels don't include any challenging hills then I would say it should be fine. I have a challenging grade for the last mile of my commute home, and a Yukon 750 that I tested carried my carcass just fine. I still had to pedal, but I wasn't dying at the top like I was with my non-ebike. For the record, I own a RadRover. The Yukon was my first pick, but I wasn't willing to wait for the medium frame to arrive sometime later this month.


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I have the Elegant model - Similar specs, but a step-thru type frame. (Mine has 26" tires, for example)

I'm 6'1" and a bit heavier than you - I haven't had any problems with the hills in my area with relatively easy pedaling. I live in a very hilly area - Flats are almost non-existent except right at the water. One of my first rides involved a fairly steep, long hill, just to see how it would do. I was impressed. (most people wouldn't even want to walk this hill)
(I haven't tried it purely motor powered - I want some exercise, just not able to do it without the assist - So I can't comment on how it would be for the motor on its own.)

I did do a ride that was almost exactly 30 km. in that time my total elevation gain was 832m. I think I went down almost 2 bars on the battery indicator. Definitely would have been able to do another 10 km - even easier if it was flat. With that, I'm pretty confident you should be able to do a 40 km trip quite easily on a single charge.

Voltbike does seem hard to get ahold of, but when I was speaking to them, do do seem to want to help their customers. I never got the feeling of being ignored or brushed off in any way.

My riding is primarily commuting at the moment, but I got the bike with some future recreational riding in mind. I don't plan on doing actual downhill mountain biking or anything else overly intense - just roads and easy trails. So far, I don't have any complaints.

I work nights, so half my riding is in the dark - The front light is sufficient for getting to work and being seen by traffic, but I do plan to upgrade it eventually to something a bit better for easier shortcuts through non-lit areas.

hope that's helpful