VoltBike Mariner 2019 owner upgrate and review.


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Hi everyone, I am presenting you my VoltBike Mariner 2019.
I have order it the 07 May 2019, VoltBike have ship it the 23 May 2019.
I got it home the 28 May 2019 by Day & Ross.
So for order and shipping I do not find that to bad to wait 21 days for it.

When I got it, I have all ready buy the new tires Vee Tire 20x4.0 Speedster Junior Fat Tire and MrTuffy tire liner 3XL 26/29 x 3.1 - 4.0 for it, it was the first thing I change.
The tires could be removed and install by hand, no need of the tire tool.
Only tire tool need is the one to remove the air spring valve (homemade by me).
Also add a white wheel reflector.
And an air pump, I find a good one at ToysRus store.
Those fat tire tubes will lose their air at a rate of 5 psi by month, so always check the air before using it.

I buy a seat post SR Suntour NCX SP12 Suspension Seatpost, Ohhh... this is wonderful.
You will need a Seat Post Shim Reducer 30.4mm to 27.2mm.(MonkeyJack Aluminum Alloy Road Bike Seat Post Shim Reducer)
Also got a BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle/Seat Bag to put in my cell phone or thing that I do not want in my pocket.

I have changed the control setting to tell it have a 22" wheel not the default 20", also change the Pass, default is 1 to 9, I set it to have 0 to 9.
Because at Pass 1 if the pedal moves the motor kick in, at 0 the motor will not work. It is more save on the sidewalk when it have peoples and you when to travel slow.

REVIEW at 487.4 Km
I always use it on sunny days, no rain for now. The first week was hard on my butt, when I got the suspension seatpost install, it change all for my butt.
The way I use it is most at Pass #2 or 3, when I have a hill to go up, I help it with the throttle.
This way on the control panel the battery 5 levels, I will use one level for 30 Km. One time last week, I did a 66.5 Km with 2 levels use.
I think it could maybe get 140 Km for me the way I use it for one battery charge.
I am very happy for the distance I could do with it, most time is in the city.