Voltbike Mariner Step Through Electrical Shock


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I recently purchased the Voltbike Mariner Step Through. It has only 32KM on it. I have a problem that when I go over bumpy ground I get an electrical shock when I touch the brake levers. I have to stop turn the bike off and back on again to stop the electrical shock. Then as soon as I hit bumpy ground again the electrical shock starts again.

I believe there must be a short somewhere but have no idea where to start. I did notice that the rear tail light doesn't work sometimes. So it might be something to do with the wiring there.

I've written to Voltbike but not heard back yet.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello All
Here is the most recent update regarding this problem.
First I was told by Voltbike to go over every wire and look for cracks in the wire insulation. At every point where the wire went into or came out of the frame the insulation on the wire was damaged. I taped up about a dozen spots that I could find that I saw problems.

I tested the bike again

Again I got an electrical shock.

Called Voltbike back.

They send a new controller and a new wiring harness.

Voltbike now expects me to completely rewire the bike. However they never sent a wiring diagram. I can not put the new wiring in place while the old wiring is still there. There just isn't enough room.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram should which colour wires go where?? Seems Voltbike won't share that information!!

I am one very very unhappy customer!!


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I feel your frustration. When my Mariner arrived 2 years ago, I had a wiring problem and I had to replace the controller. There is now a helpful video on VoltBike's site showing George replacing a controller. Basically, if you do it wire by wire, you can get through it.

In my case, I actually had to send the whole bike back, across the continent, to get a fix. But VoltBike did fix it, at no charge, and my Mariner has been very reliable and fun since then, through 550 miles.