Voltbike Price Increase

I have been checking their site infrequently as I am interested in getting an ebike when I can afford it. But I noticed that the "Retail Price" on a number of bikes has increased in the last couple of months. Specifically, the Voltbike Bravo is now listed at C$2899 whereas it was around $2000 before. The "Sale Price" is the same at $1699, but it now indicates that it is at a 41% discount. Whereas the discount was only 15% of the retail price before. I understood that due to tariffs etc that there was to be a pricing change for United States customers, but since I was in Canada the general consensus on various forums was that the pricing changes would not be applicable to Canadian customers. What am I missing here? I am beginning to think the Bravo price will skyrocket before I have a chance to buy it.