VOMO electric scooter on Indiegogo

This Veetron Scooter is positively a SCAM. While I did receive mine incredibly, my sense is this is just a generic scooter you can buy in China with a new branding label on it. The person who runs the scam presented themselves as 'John' but his real name (to our knowledge) is Simon Bright. Indiegogo has shut down the campaign now and some people have been successful in getting refunds from their credit card company. As for 'John' Simon Bright, he has simply disappeared. So Andar and Steve2014, you were both absolutely correct, the scooter campaign was indeed a scam.
Yeah, I also contributed to the campaign. Fortunately I was one of the few that was able to get a refund, regardless of indiegogos efforts to file for a refusal to refund. The evidence of a scam was just too obvious and the ignored their efforts and refunded my $. I ended up buying the EcoReco M3.
I'm the OP, and I concur with M Roberts 70, this was definitely a scam. A few people got scooters, but as with so many other "new" scooters it turned out to just be a cheap Chinese model. It seems the scammer used the shipping of a few dozen scooters as a way to prolong the scam and get further away with the money. In hindsight, Indiegogo and (to a lesser extent Kickstarter) are a haven for scammers. I have thus far been successful getting my money back, and ended up with an iMax S1+ from the Super Scooter Store. It is an amazing scooter, and even though it was more money, it was definitely worth the wait.
If I'm right in believe we had a discussion on the indiegogo campaign. If so I'm glad you got your money back as did I. Not too many did, I too ended up getting a different scooter, the EcoReco M3. It's a great scooter, but I still wish the VOMO was a reality, because the disc brake and pneumatic tires would be nice. The EcoReco has drum brakes and solid rubber tires.
Just like a car maintenance required. I change the tire but costly with shipping cost not included and the charger broke easy and end up spending $78 bucks wow !!! I understand maintenance as being part of it but difference matter when comparing with other scooters. Very costive all in all. Paul Vidal,Ph.D