Waiting like a child for my Sondors 7 to arrive - Portland, OR


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I ordred a Sonders 7 with upgraded battery & LCD display. Per the website - it will ship this September. Fingers crossed!!!

Anyone in the Beaverton, OR area?? Or Portland?

I love how this bike was optioned in SILVER. I'm pretty excited to see what it's all about!

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The video is good, however, it is not a fair comparison nor an accurate one.

The Rad actually is putting out over 1000w peak (22a x 48v = 1056), which is 2x more than the Sondors at just over 500w peak (15a x 36v = 540). So showing the Rad zooming past the Sondors while putting out double the watts doesn't tell the whole story.

The Rad Rover costs $500 more which allows for better components. To do this comparison right, you should have compared a Sondors X 48v 500w (20a x 48v = 960) which would have been a much closer in performance and still $250 cheaper than the Rover even with the 7 speed, front suspension upgrade and shipping. Add a 25a aftermarket controller for $65 and the X puts out 1200w vs the Rads 1056w peak for still $200 less than the Rad. The Rad does have 750w motor but as you can see the wattage difference is not that much with both stock bikes at peak power. Another huge difference is that X comes with a much larger battery than the Rover 17.5aH vs 11.6aH.

Overall the Rad is probably a better eBike if you compare it from top to bottom. But for little over $1000, the Sondors X is a better overall value.
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Actually, under federal law - No e-bike sold in the Untied States can function over 750w. I have NEVER seen my Rover operate higher than 745w. Both bikes still fall under federal regulations for the max speed of 20 mph/750w rules.

Also as stated in my video the Sondors I bought which is equipped as equal to my rover (motor, battery size, suspension, lcd, fat tires, etc within reason) comes out to $1,152 shipped vs $1,499 shipped. That is actually a $347 difference between the two bikes.

However, as stated in my review video, the Sondors 7 is no longer offered (at time of video production) and therefor the next model up was used which is the Sondors X with only difference known of a 48v/17.5 ah battery & a 150w increase motor. That bike came out to $1,353 shipped vs the Rover $1,499 shipped. That is a meer $146 price difference.

Again this comparison is for the bikes that are very similar in configuration. It's no different than comparing two different vehicles from two different manufactures. One company offers XX engine with XXX hp vs the other guy with XX engine with XXX hp. Those comparisons are also made as well as other similarities. Prices are never 100% equal, either which leads the end user to determine the price difference, positive or negative, to validate the value of one brand/features/specs over another.

That said - a Sondors X configured similar to a Rad is not an overall better value. If you don't need the suspension forks, bigger battery or LCD display on your e-bike then sure.. one COULD say the Sondors X is a better value if ONLY the quality difference and support/ordering differences can justify the cost of savings.