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Yeah, the more I think about this, the more I think building/converting a bike is going to be the solution. Thanks for the feedback
Hi Pierre, I think that a conversion would be the way to go. Perhaps a Bafang drive where you could program the display/controller for less power for a child's safety. Also, you can get brake sensors so the motor cuts out when the brakes are engaged. You could use a smaller 3 lb. battery to reduce the weight of the bike. Luna Cycle makes/carries this with no hard case so you would need to protect it in a bag. Having the ability for throttle only is very helpful.

Edit: ebikemom, I just realized that you started a new thread for Pedal Assist ebikes for Children, so please move my reply if needed. Thanks!
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Haibike has the Hard 4 for kids and prodecotech was talking a 20" BMX bike but I never saw that hit the market.


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Hi all, I am new here , I have copd and use o2 heart and lung issue. anyway I ordered my first ebike on Friday the Ecotric Hammer cruiser style fat tire 1000 watt motor 48 volt system. I currently ride a 700c reg. bike but lungs are getting worse so I am hoping this ebike will keep me outdoors a bit longer. Is this a pretty decent ebike I don't find much about it. thank you


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hello all. Thanks for this thread. I have spinal cord injury. After a lot of stationary bike pedaling, I finally got an ebike. I can't walk. I probably could not ride a regular bike, BUT I can ride this ebike. It is so much fun to be out, wind in your hair, birds singing, and even dealing with traffic is stimulating. I learned how to get back up off the ground in my backyard before taking it out, and was glad I did. It took a few rides(and a fall) before I was very confident. I am still gaining skills and have started riding on less quiet streets.

My next step is to tow my outdoor chair(has mtn biking tires) behind the bike, so I can go places(eg. public library), as right now all I can do is make a loop and come back home. I am not quite confident enough to do that yet, but I am working on the tow mechanism so it will be ready when I am. Assuming it all works, I will post a picture here one day.

Bottom line: Do try one if you think you might like it. I suspect you will.


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A wonderful thing about ebiking is how it augments a person's ability to ride a bike, making MORE possible than what was possible before. This enables ebiking to have a positive impact on the lives of people whose mobility has been limited by physical problems, autism, developmental disability, intellectual disability or mental health challenges.

I have a strong interest in disability and mental illness, based in my experience as mom of an autistic child and thus my experiences with so many different kinds of disability. Ebiking has made a tremendous positive difference in our family's life by increasing our son's mobility and venturesomeness and reducing his anxiety about new places and experiences. This has had a strong positive impact on him, as a person, and on our family.

The purpose of this space is to share and collect resources and stories related to disability and ebiking, not only to create a supportive community but also to more broadly share ebiking, more strongly advocate for people with disabilities and mental health challenges, and to influence ebike makers to make their products more useful for a broader range of riders.

Feel free to introduce yourself, and to make your own threads specific to your disability-related interests and experiences. I will also start new threads as people share their related experiences.

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As a person who's suffered a disability all my life, I am glad you posted and this would be a sticky. I am new member and I just recently purchased my ebike. When I tell my friends, they say what, a ebike? They do not want anything to do with it!

A lot of misconception out there still about these tech infused bikes that makes lives easier for us!