What 2018 news are you excited about?


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Court (and others) have been uploading a number of update videos from Interbike 2017. From Interbike and Eurobike what news and new stuff are you most excited about? From what I've seen so far, I like the Bosch Powertube applied on the 2018 Haibike Trekking models wherein you can mount a rail for accessories or a second battery. I think R&M will offer this as well but I'm not sure. And my second favorite has been the Tern GSD video. Very interesting how it can stand upright and the ability for dual battery and a ton of cargo. Also has Schwalbe Super Moto X tires (20 inch). When reviews come out on this, I'd like to see them address the frame build.

talks about the rail system for the in tube battery at about 1:40:


john peck

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I got a Juiced Bike Cross Current S a couple weeks ago, I spent a week & few bucks dialing it in to fit
my broken down old carcass,(mostly riser bars,adjustable stem, & a cushy saddle for my 68 year old butt).
Been riding it a week now. For a bike that starts at $1700, this thing is utterly amazing!! I can't think of enough
superlatives. I was riding about 50 miles a week. Now I'm doing 125+with about the same effort. You can totally
wear yourself out on a CCS. I just can't stop riding it; it's just too damn much fun, best bike for the money at twice
the price. Court needs to update his review cuz it's evolved since then. Wheels & tires are now 700c 45/40s not 26",
along with some other upgrades. The shifting & modes are flawlessly smooth. The brakes will definitely stop the bike,
but you may end up flying over the bars if you grab hold too hard. I've been looking at ebikes for years, this is the
one I finally chose to buy. You might have to wait a while to get one; this last batch sold out quickly. It's worth
the wait.

*P.S. You really need to study the videos, & take it easy for a few days getting acquainted with this
very fast bike.
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john peck

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I just came from the Juiced site, They've upped the base price to $2k, still worth it. I'm not surprised,
totally amazing bike.

rich c

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21700 cell batteries

One of the big reasons I am sticking with open source components is that e tech is advancing so rapidly that it doesn't make any sense to me to get a bike that will be obsolete tech wise within 2 years with little chance of ability to upgrade, at least for a reasonable cost. So by assembling the components I have created a system that not only works very well for my needs but is future proof.

While most seem to be focusing on the motor aspect what really is going to be the game changer is advancement in battery tech and the new 21700 cells are what are on the horizon. The pic above is of the outer design of the new Wolf Pack 21700 52v 14ah 728wh (proposed) battery that Luna is making available here by 2018 or hopefully even sooner. The cost is yet to be determined. More comprehensive info here: https://www.electricbike.com/new-21700-cells/
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Bicycling commuting infrastructure is about to soar in my city of Austin Texas. 12 ft wide path ! , landscaped with drip irrigation , no huge water trucks traversing the path, with two marked bicycle lanes and a pedestrian path.


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Court's Haibike 2018 update. Explains more about the dual battery - really nice that the customer can add this after purchase. Too bad they didn't hit the Trekking models in the video:

I just came from the Juiced site, They've upped the base price to $2k, still worth it. I'm not surprised,
totally amazing bike.
I just looked and I saw $1,699 which it was before. I ordered about 3 weeks ago, hopefully the price isn't changing for orders already in the system ......

Ravi Kempaiah

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Back in 2014, there were very few manufacturers with quality product and support.
Now, the market has exploded, quality has gone up and the prices have come down. 3 years ago, you could tell.. this is average, this is a rip-off and this is great but now, unless you have a keen eye it's pretty hard to distinguish between many products.
Commuting and cargo bike offerings have gone up. A great plus in my mind.
2018 is going to be an exciting year for sure.

bob armani

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I am excited to see what Yamaha will bring in their new product line released to the US in 2018. The PW-X series motors look very impressive along with the cool looking interface. I also like the new Bulls bikes with the new interface as well with the joystick. It reminds me of the old interface on the Specialized Turbo that was discontinued. Bulls has really ramped up their products IMHO. I also think the SRS Monkeylink was very clever option on some of the models as well. The Easy Motion Rebel ebikes with Bosch are also a very exciting new direction BH has taken...
Once again, Court has done an outstanding job at Interbike! Way to go!
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The Bulls Six50 TR Street is one of the 2018 bikes that piques my interest the most. Full suspension with pannier mounting and fenders. First time I've seen the speed motor tilted up as they've been doing with the CX. Looks like a lot of potential to be a great commuter bike. Alas no Bulls dealers anywhere near me.
9:20 of this video: