What is the reputation of Haibike ?


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I think they are the oldest e-bike company, with not the most glamorous products but diffidently very solid and good products. I would say a like Subaru. You get a great value for your money and enjoy their products but it's not a BMW.
E-boy , that's an interesting question. I own one, and it's a great bike, so far. I looked at Haibike as THE premium brand. Prices from $2500- 15,000+ puts it in the "BMW" category as far as I'm concerned. That said, I've yet to need warrantee service, replacement parts or factory accessories, so I don't know what to think as a company. I can also say I was NOT prepared to pay full retail for the bike. I can afford 5k for a bike, but I cannot justify the expense. For example: I would love to have a Bulls Monster fs fatty, But there is no freaking way I'm dropping $5,300+shipping and taxes for one , no matter how cool it is. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels this way and I'm also sure this is an industry stumbling block bringing new riders to the ebike family.


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Easy route to use the ebike outside the standard parameters on private roads or circuits........:D......uppsss


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When I posted the question , my perception was that Haibike had its roots in mountain biking .
I since went to their website and their slogan is
We are ePerformance .


With the introduction of the Haibike XDURO FS in 2010, we opened the doors to a completely new bike sport: ePerformance. This marked the beginning of the Haibike success story and started the eMTB boom. We were the first, and for a long time the only ones, to believe in the potential of sporty eBikes, and we still do today—more than ever.

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I have had mountain bikes all my life ( I am over 50). First ebike.. loving it! Got it it in June or July.. As far as Haibike is concerned, I only care about them as far the frame is concerned as everything else is from someone else and because of the model I purchased its all low quality IMHO. ( 2016 RC 150 mm 27.5) I have swapped ALL but the rear mech, bars, headset, and front chainring. stock wheels only got it from the car to the garage. Shock is stock, but not for much longer. ( if your in SF and want all the parts from a stock RC.. let me know).


Cheaper than others researched - I rode a giant dirt e and it was a better bike , but it was it not special when i dropped the hammer.. found it later at the same price ( boo)
Available.. Still waiting for the focus Jam2 ( walked into monstano and had it in under 1 hour)
Handles. Its actually good implementation of FSR. - especially with the new MRP stage.. BEST fork eva! in fact my downhill times are improving over my tallboy LT2 ( considered one of the best bikes on the planet) as its SUPER Heavy i need 203 front and BACK!

Dislikes- All fairly small issues, but again Haibike only had to get the frame right to be a contender..

Cables rattle like mad in frame. trying the zip tie trick now.
Paint is softer than butter ( a bit like specialized a few years back) and way too thick. clear bra between the battery and frame was a good idea.
Bolt on shock needs checking often. Comes loose and paint chips easily head hex head
Stainless screws holding on cable guides either lock or strip. testing either 4 mm or helicoil now ( first BIKE i have ever had to do machine work on the frame directly!)
I guess they don't have locktite in germany or where ever they are assembled..
Yamaha sticker .. if its important enough to apply. Why put it where all the mud accumulates

Mine is a 2016..

Why the need to advertise its specs on the actual bike.. this is weird.. I thought they were stickers.. but no they are permanent.

On the motor.. and battery, which is what you actually purchase an ebike for.

PW motor cadence is too low.. SE or X would be better. the giant tune of the same motor was better
No walk mode!
400 KHH battery runs out too quick for me.. and last 1/4 capacity is weak and does not last at a linear rate..
Pedaling with the power off is really tough.. ( i have run out of battery a few times now..) you are pushing the motors gears.. if the power is off. why not completely disengage the motor.
Battery is crazy expensive.. I would love to be able to ride back to car, grab anther battery and go out agin immediately.. i purchased an inverter for the car, but it takes too long to charge between locations.

next.. Speed box 2.. when the replacement arrives. ( refer another thread for this story)
new Shock. Still researching.

ebike v regular bike.

ebike eats brake pads. easts chains and rear mech.. changes under load are not good for any bike.. perhaps the bosh or Di2 is worth the extra if it can ease off when changing.)
ebikes have over pedal.. Imagine driving on a winding road with the cruise set to on.. you have to remember to stop pedaling a second before you would do on a regular bike.. i kept overshooting corners.
Ebikes corner very well the extra weight keeps the wheel planted.
huck.. no Big jumps are ok as long s you have speed up.
20 mph is too low.. ( Speedbox 2 on the way).
you HAVE to pedal.. track stand is something i have yet to master..
Its a Strava killer.. now my downhill times are falling!


The worst part of an ebike.. other trail riders.. either they want to talk about how they want one or how they wouldn't be seen dead on one.. either way, they just slow me down.

ebike.. a lonely but fast lifestyle!