What’s a better buy BBS01 or BBS02

Hello E-Wheels. I converted a Specialized Pro to an ebike. I used a BBS01 250w mid mount with a 36 volt 19.2 ah battery system. I ride with a local bug and am regularly cycling up to 120k per ride. I have been keeping careful stats on my charging/distance and consistently achieve in access of 170k. I ride the bike, in the sense that I use the gears and where possible switch the motor off. My riding is mainly done using Assist level 1 or 2 - mainly 1.

Thomas Jaszewski

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I just grabbed a pair of BBS01B 36v 250W bare motors. I’ve run two 350W BBS01 for 4 years. Perfect old guy flat foot park/walking/biking trail bikes. Anything over 15-20mph is rude and on a busy summer day maybe a bit to quick for conditions(space college dweebs on their iPhones). Tourist riding at its best IMO. Wife and new riders willing to ride a bike and shifting gears keeping the motor happy find it a fun motor and ride.